It’s race day… the Last Drifters game

Spider has entered a race at a nearby settlement, this is just one race in a day of entertainment held by the owners of settlement, and like most of these events there are prizes to be won, these normally include things like ammunition and supplies.

The event draws in many people from miles around where they can trade for supplies, meet friends or just bet on the races, all the hardships of the wastelands are forgotten even if only for a short while.

Racing is how some drifters survive living in the wastelands, although some do just race for the thrill and the excitement.

This particular race will be over two circuits of this long and narrow track, things are going to get messy out there today!

So get yourself a drink, sit back and enjoy the fun…

The entrants of this race are –

Sand Man, Blade, Spider and Reaper

Each vehicle has a passenger plus upgrades costing no more than 550 points, they have a mixture of Nitrox boosters, extra armour, turrets, passive weapons and upgrades to their suspension etc.

With Sand Man getting the inside lane and Reaper getting the outside, the race is about to start… the only rule in the race is that there can be no firing from any vehicle that has not gone past the first corner, after that there are no rules!!

And they’re off!!!

Sand Man powers away from the start and immediately hits his nitrox boost button streaking away down the track in a cloud of dust, the other three vehicles keep together as they pull away from the start.

It is fairly close as they power along the straight towards the first corner, with Sand Man managing to stay in front of the other three.

As they come up to the first corner Sand Man is holding his lead with Spider and Reaper close behind, with Blade in last position at the moment.

Blade found himself with no where to go as he powered into the corner and smashes into the rear of Sand Man!! Somehow Sand Man keeps control of his vehicle and takes his vehicle around the first bend.

But he pushes his vehicle to the limit on the bend he loses control and spins out as he goes around!!! Oh no this is not good for Sand Man.

As the cars start to bunch up going into the corner Reaper makes his move and squeezes between Spider and the old wall at the corner then hits his nitrox boost button as he goes by and starts his run down the far side of the track.

Sand Man pulls away from where he had stopped after his spin, and he fires into the rear of Reaper’s vehicle and is satisfied to see his heavy bullets going through Reaper’s rear armour.

Reaper’s passenger turns the heavy stubber around and fire a hail of heavy bullets into the front of Sand Man’s vehicle and manages to hit Sand Man’s passenger wounding him badly, he will be no help to Sand Man until he can get some sort of bandage on that wound!

Spider makes a move down on the inside of Sand Man and Reaper, but Sand Man tries to block Spider’s path by dropping some oil on the track.

Blade drives around the bend and opens up with his linked autoguns hitting Sand Man in the rear, Sand Man wasn’t expecting that, and it seems to have really shaken him!

Then Blade tries to really put the pressure on Sand Man and starts to power up his multi-laser but doesn’t have time to get a full charge and is then disappointed when the shot is absorbed by Sand Man’s thick rear armour.

Spider’s passenger sees this as a great opportunity to take out Sand Man and turns his heavy machine gun towards the big car and opens up with a long burst and is pleased when he sees smoke now coming from the big vehicle.

Reaper takes the chaos around him in his stride and powers off down the far side of the track hitting his nitrox boost and gains a big lead, leaving the other three drivers to fight it out.

Sand Man’s passenger tried his best to put out the fire but could not get it out, Spider manages to somehow squeeze through the small gap between Sand Man and the inside of the track and then drops some oil of his own behind him.

Reaper takes advantage of his lead and powers around the far bend and drops some spikes in a nasty position on that corner.

Sand Man manages to just get back in front of spider again and drop some more oil on the track behind him.

Blade catches up with Sand Man again and fires his linked autoguns into his rear but was disappointed to see almost all of the shells bounce harmlessly off the thick armour.

But being that close was too tempting for Blades passenger so he powered up the multi-laser again and this time was pleased to see it almost reach full power, the shots took out Sand Man’s vehicle, he was now out of this race.

Spider’s passenger now seeing Blade as the nearest threat opens up with the heavy machine gun ripping huge holes in Blade’s vehicle, that really shook Blade as the heavy bullets ripped into his vehicle.

Reaper continues on around the far turn and Spider puts on the power to try and catch up using a boost of nitrox.

Blade moves around Sand Man’s wrecked vehicle and chases Spider firing off his autoguns at its rear, spider’s passenger turns the heavy machine back towards Blade and opens fire but is disappointed to see all the shots go wide!

Blade then moves right in behind Spider and fires off his autoguns but only saw the shots do light damage, Spider pulls away and heads off around the bend dropping oil on the road behind him, then his passenger turns the heavy machine gun round to target Reaper in front, but saw all his shots bounce off the rear armour of Reaper’s vehicle.

Blade’s passenger turns his multi-laser in the direction of Spider’s vehicle this time but most of the shots hit an old wrecked vehicle on the bend.

Reaper then powers away down the straight using his last nitrox boost gaining a huge lead on Spider and Blade, I am not sure they will be able to catch him now.

Reaper powered on and into the far bend dropping more spikes on the track behind him, Spider comes around the corner chasing Reaper and uses his last nitrox boost to try and close the gap, and Blade weaves his way between all the oil and the spikes on the bend but not really closing on Spider, unless the two drivers in front make big mistakes I don’t think that Blade can make any difference to the outcome of this race.

Reaper continues on around the bend going down the last straight of the race, Spider moves along this side of the main straight and his passenger takes the opportunity of firing his heavy machine gun and Reaper’s vehicle and sees at least one heavy shell punch its way through the vehicles side. Reaper’s passenger fires his heavy stubber back at Spider but can’t hit the fast-moving vehicle.

Blade makes another charge at Spider’s vehicle firing off his autoguns at extreme range but not managing to find his target, his passenger also fires off his multi-laser but can’t hit the target either.

Spider roars around the far corner and sees that he has a chance of hitting Reaper before he disappears down the straight so fires off his autoguns but the range and his speed proves to much for his aim and all his shots miss.

Nothing is going to stop Reaper now he has so much of a lead that he can actually take things easy as he approaches the final bend in the race.

Spider powers through the obstacles on the far straight and in an act of desperation fires off his autoguns at Reaper at maximum range and manages put a little more damage on the disappearing vehicle.

Spider’s passenger fires off his heavy machine gun as the last attempt to stop Reapers vehicle but none of his shots find the target, well that was the last hope to stop Reaper as he is about the cross the finish line and win this race.

Well that’s it, it’s all over and a convincing win for Reaper and just a small prize for Spider for coming in second, but that will be enough to see him through until he finds his next race.

That was great fun, Reaper just handled those bends faster than the other drivers and somehow kept out of trouble for most of the race, Spider just could not keep up with Reaper at all during that race, he wasn’t driving badly at all it was just the fact that Reaper was driving better.

Blade had a bad day he did have the slightly slower vehicle which seemed to exaggerate his bad luck even more than it should have, he just could not keep in the race at all.

And well what can I say about Sand Man he spun his vehicle out on that first bend and then just became target practice for the other drivers, his vehicle took three critical hits, the first was the passenger getting wounded, the second was a small fire on board and the third was his engine being hit, all in all a bad day for Sand Man.

Well Spider is going to head off to another settlement now as they are holding another race there next week, who knows he may win that one…

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