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This week I sent over two synopses for two of my rule sets to Osprey in the hope that they will produce enough interest in my rules that they may wish to publish one of them.

Osprey have issued an open call for wargame submissions from rules writers, they are asking people to send in a short description of a rule set that they have written, Osprey will then look at them with the possibility of publishing the rules, as they are apparently looking for new games.

I don’t know what chance I will have but I thought this was too good an opportunity to miss, even if there is only a very slim chance that they will like my rules.

Ok which rules did I want them to look at?

Well I sent in a synopsis for Stars & Lasers!! As that was my first set and probably my favourite ( if I was made to choose ) it is the simplest and has the most support in a good number of expansions and lots of scenarios.

It is also not tied to any manufacturer so is open to any spaceship that the player has, I use all sorts of ships from many manufacturers when I play and I am now even printing my own.

I wrote the rules mainly for me as I was fed up with hex-based spaceship games and complicated rules sets and written orders, I wanted cinematic, so Stars & Lasers was the answer for me.

The other one I have sent a synopsis for was the Last Drifters, this is my latest rule set and a set that is building in popularity at my club, who doesn’t like customising those small cars and then racing around a track shooting everyone.

I have put on several party games at the club and they have always been full with players having fun, this one with all the vehicle customisations will hopefully start to do well once people start to see it played.

The rules allow you to actually drive your vehicle without the need for lots of tests or dice rolls ( unlike some I have played ) ok you do have to test once you push your vehicle too fast, but then hopefully the driver’s skill will keep the vehicle steady and under control.

And of course, all the driving and shooting is done with just one template!! Yep, no need for loads, just the one.

At some point down the line, I will probably send in something about Blood Sweat & Iron, but as I am still trying to sort out new cards for the ships, I thought I should wait until I can finish it.

But again, like the other two games it uses just the one turn template and fire arc template combined, and of course is a really simple fast play set of rules.

I do not know if the fact that these rules are already available as PDF’s will make any difference, but I have been asked about a printed version in the past, but it is too difficult to do by myself… but with a publishers help this would of course be possible.

I have had replies to these two emails at least letting me know that they have received them, I will just have to wait now and see what they say.

Fingers crossed, here’s hoping that they give them a chance.

A little bit more news about my rules writing, I have just about finished the first supplement for the Last Drifters, but I will wait a little while to see what Osprey say before I actually release the supplement.

Oh and I have now started to get the zombie rule set put together, I have started going through all my notes that I have made over the last few months and I am putting it all together.

I am hoping that these rules go together easily as I really want to start playtesting and seeing how they play.

I will post news and pictures of any games I get using the zombie rules as I write them, I am hoping that this set will be fun and simple to play just like my other rules sets…

Don’t forget you can chat about any of my rules on the Little Wargaming Worlds Discord server, you can find the link at the top of my site on the Community tab.

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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Lots of luck with the submission’s I’d send in the Blood Sweat & Iron rules cos they don’t have a rule set like that!
    They already have a stars and lasers & a last drifter’s rule set’s in gaslands & a billion sun’s
    Anyway lots of luck and I’ll have my fingers crossed.

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      Thanks, not sure they will be what they are looking for, but it is worth a try.

      It’s true they have their own spaceship rules and car fighting battle rules and I am sure it will make a big difference as they already have these rules in circulation, and I know they both have a big following… But I hated one and the other is boring and totally different than mine.
      I know that this is my opinion and probably doesn’t mean much, but hey it’s my opinion and probably one of the main reasons I wrote my rules.

      I really wanted to send in something about my Ironclad rules but I do have to fix a few issues first, nothing major just a few silly errors which are annoying.
      Also I am re-doing the ship cards, which is a must.

      They say there is no time limit for this so hopefully I can get it all done soon and send something in.


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