I painted some figures for Test of Honour.

After looking closer at the photo’s in this post I realised that several were either showing the models too far away and small or were a little blurry, so I took some new ( hopefully better ) photo’s and added them to this post.

Despite feeling really ill over the last couple of weeks I have still managed to sit and paint a few models, here are some of my 28mm Samurai figures, I have painted them up to use in games of Test of Honour.

I decided that as my painting skill level is not that great that I would try and pick a very simple colour scheme for these figures ( probably closer to boring than simple 😥 )

After a quick look on the internet I found a few schemes that looked like something that I could do, what I ended up with was blue and white for the basic colours.

This first batch consists of twenty-seven figures, there are easily enough figures to field two sides in my games.

I still have a few more to paint up but for now this is more than enough to play some games.

I have two units of three spear wielding Ashigaru, one unit with armour and without.

I also have two units of Ashigaru bowmen, again one unit has armour and one unit doesn’t.

I then have two units of three Ashigaru carrying matchlocks, this time both units are wearing armour.

I have three individuals which may not get much use in games of Test of Honour as I haven’t got any cards for them, I just painted them because I liked them.

One is a standard bearer ( I did have a bit of a failure with the standard the figure is carrying, I tried to free-hand a pattern but it went a bit wrong!! So for now it will remain blue )

The other two are musicians, one with a horn and one with a drum on his back, I know there should be a person behind him beating the drum but I haven’t got a figure to use yet, I may have to kit bash one at a later date.

Then I have three Samurai heroes to lead the units into battle, all three of these figures are wearing armour and look fairly commanding.

I then have three more Samurai ( or Ronin ) with no armour, these are lovely figures, after painting them I realised that I might have to get some more of this type of figure as they would make good villagers or special characters in my games.

Well they probably won’t win any painting competitions but they will be usable in my games and I am fairly pleased with them.

The scenery behind the figures will come up on my painting desk soon, I will put up pictures on here as I get them done, at the moment just the first coats of paint, they will need a second coat as the paint did soak in a lot!!

I have enough buildings for a fair sized village and I am hoping they will look good when they are finished.

And here is my next lot of Samurai to paint, these will add Sergeants to the units of bowmen, the unit of spearmen and the unit with matchlocks.

Plus an extra spearman unit and a couple of hero figures to go with the Samurai heroes I already have.

So all in all a nice amount of figures giving me a few options for my games.

But if I think that I need more figures I have these few plus another box with about a hundred more!! well I was going to build a Samurai Kings of War army a while back 😉

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    • Mac

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks, but truthfully my painting just about makes the level of tabletop standard.
      But I am happy with that level.

      The buildings are actually scratch built by an acquaintance that passed away a while back, they were being sold one night at my club, his family was trying to raise some money and I brought them.
      I am now finishing them off and painting them.


  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Sorry to hear your feeling bad hope your on the mend.
    I can’t comment on the Ashigaru cos I can’t see them properly .
    I really like the rōnin sculpts and I think you really nailed the skin tone’s however the Wight spots detract from the esthetic in my opinion.
    Are those buildings srach built ether way I think they look awesome.

    My Spector operations mintures finally turned up they need alot of prep and I’m currently baseing them on 20mm base’s due to the frailty of some of the weapons I’m also putting magnet’s in the base’s which on the whole is a right pain in the proverbial’s.
    On a more positive note they have dynamic poses and look very cool.
    I had the same problem with my eureka Soviet/U.S. NBC troops so it looks like my modern and ulta-modern troops will be billeted together hopefully WW3 won’t break out in my storage box.

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,
      Yep on the mend mate thanks, the after effects of COVID is just dragging on and on.

      Yeah I noticed that some of the photo’s were a little bit… bad!
      I will try and take some more and replace these ones soon, not sure what was happening with my camera the other night, even photoshop couldn’t make them any clearer… I could enlarge the photos any more as they were even worse when bigger!
      I think some of it is that my camera is a little old now, but can’t replace the it just yet.
      I normally take pictures on my phone ( as it has a really good camera ) but that was charging the other night.

      I just had a quick look online for the Sector Operations miniatures and wow there are some nice figures!
      I have had problems with “frail” weapons on other figures and it can be a real pain.


  2. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Nice! that’s better I like the musician with the horn. The Ashigaru aren’t the best Sculps I’ve seen but their nothing wrong with the paint job.
    I did notice on the standard bearer you missed the hand guards which in my opinion needs you’re attention.
    I have 1st edition cards that include musician & banner bearer card’s and could probably scratch up a drummer fig which you’re welcome to, I don’t know if the card’s are compatable with 2nd ed but I ain’t gonna use them.
    Again i don’t know when I’d be able to get down to the shop as I (as you well know) don’t find it a plesent place to shop also i have sort out my comics subscription’s before the end of the year.

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,
      Thanks, I took the new photo’s on my phone which is much better than my old camera.
      A drummer figure would be great as it will be a long way down on my ‘things to do list’ so no hurry at all.

      All my cards are first edition, but all I have is a card for the drummer there was no card for a standard bearer!

      The figures are old second hand ones I picked up a long long while ago and as you say the Ashigaru are not the best sculps around, but they are usable.

      I may get some Warlord or another manufacturers figures at some point and replace them.


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