Hobby update, what’s been happening?

Greetings fellow gamers! It’s been a while since my last update, and I’ve been knee-deep in the exciting world of rules writing.

Let me share a glimpse into the multiple projects I’ve been juggling lately, some good things are coming together at the moment in the rules department, and of course because I am really stupid I have split what little brain I have into small sections to get it to work on four things at the moment!!! 🤕

First up, my Sci-fi miniatures game is nearing completion, just a few more images to do for the units in the game including support units like mortars, howitzers, and HMG sci-fi equivalents.

The rules are solid, but the next phase involves more playtesting and the ever-challenging task of proofreading for those elusive typos, this will include reading through them over and over again to try and spot them all, this I find hard to do as it is I have found that it is really really hard to proof read your own work.

Now, for a mysterious project that I have been working on and it is a little bit special… drum roll please… an unusual skirmish game, I can’t really say too much about it at the moment except it will be free and it will be a lot of fun to play… Stay tuned for updates on this one! 🤔

The other thing I have been working on is the images for the Crystalline Wars card game, once the final images are done it will be hours of going through all the cards and checking spelling / typos and of course checking that the images actually go with the text on the cards, this will take a while as there are lots of cards… and I do mean lots!!

The last thing I have been working on is my zombie game, this is coming along really well, most of the basic rules are in place and work well, what I am working on now is how the player will find items during the game, obviously by searching, but how that fits into the game system is what I am working on.

Tables… yep probably lots of tables, I don’t know of any other way of getting items into the game other than rolling on a table of items when searching a building or in a vehicle or wherever.

Putting the rules aside for a moment, there is a slight downside with the zombie game for me, and that is I need to make some more scenery for the game (as if I didn’t have enough to do)

At the moment I am using some slightly small buildings and a few odd bits of scenery, trees, hedges and walls etc.

What I need is a proper set of modern scenery, like modern houses, shops, fences to go around a builder’s yard, and some decent roads, all the sort of things you would find around a normal city, all this scenery will be needed for when I want to take some photos of my games or even videos of the gameplay.

Talking about videos, I have finally got a simple rig up above my gaming table now hanging from the ceiling, this will allow me to fix cameras and microphones to allow for filming.

I haven’t got video stuff all worked out just yet, but I have done some basic information searching and looking at YouTube videos on filming games etc. so hopefully one day I will get some video content out there.

So that’s what I have been doing where rules writing is concerned, what else have I been up to?

Well I have made a very slow start on The Last Drifters participation game stuff for Salute 51, the cars will be straight forward to deal with, dozer-blades on the front with armour panels and wire-mesh on windows etc. and of course some guns for the roofs… I just need to get these 3D printed.

The game board poses a dilemma which is slowing things down at the moment.

Will it be separate scenery pieces for easy transport or a fixed, hopefully visually stunning board?

I’m leaning towards the latter, contemplating the logistics of a figure-eight track (by popular demand!) that promises mayhem for players – because who doesn’t love mayhem?

I guess with a fixed board the best way to go would be to add a sheet of XPS foam to the board and model the track onto that, and then fixing all the barriers and wrecked cars and barricades etc. to the foam board as I think that will look the best for the show.

But I will have to be careful with any high / tall objects as these will be easily broken off if we are not careful when transporting the board, things like billboards etc.

So that’s about all I have been up to over the last couple of weeks, hopefully I will get started on the Salute board over the next few weeks and get some WiP pictures on here so you can see how things are progressing.

I will definitely be working on the cars soon, so there should be some pictures of them as well soon.

And of course, there may be some news about the mystery free game…

Until next time, happy gaming, and may your dice rolls be ever in your favour!

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    • Mac

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks mate I just might take you up on that offer 😉

      I will email you and we can chat… probably won’t be until after Christmas, I still have a little bit more to do.


  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Nice to hear your busy!
    Another way to handle searching for stuff is with card’s like zombicide; unlike frostgrave survivers will need to use item’s straight away.
    Also the odd zombie spawning in the deck would add a little suspense!

    Nice to hear your going with the figure 8 track for the last drifter, you could glue the tall bits on site with a glue gun.

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,
      At the moment I am going for lots of tables for searching which will include the “oh damn I’ve disturbed a zombie or three” or things similar to that!
      I did think about some sort of card system but I did worry there would be lots of them, so as I say for now I am going to do the table and see after they are done.

      The figure 8 track I think will cause the most chaos when you get the cars going around it, and I like chaos!!


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