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Well its been a while since I posted anything on here mainly as things have been a little hectic at home, and what with work and this heat I just haven’t managed to get any gaming in at all.

So I thought that I would at least post about the Facebook pages I have set up for my rules sets.

The first page is for Stars & Lasers – Stars & Lasers – Home | Facebook

The second is Blood Sweat & Iron – Blood Sweat & Iron ACW Ironclads – Home | Facebook

And then there is the Last Drifters – The Last Drifters post apocalyptic game – Home | Facebook

Please visit them and if you play the games then I would love to see any battle reports of your games or pictures of your painting or modelling, post up on one of the Community pages.

You can even ask any rules related questions or even let me know what you would like to see in any future rules updates or supplements.


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