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Well its been a while since I posted anything on here mainly as things have been a little hectic at home, and what with work and this heat I just haven’t managed to get any gaming in at all.

So I thought that I would at least post about the Facebook pages I have set up for my rules sets.

The first page is for Stars & Lasers – Stars & Lasers – Home | Facebook

The second is Blood Sweat & Iron – Blood Sweat & Iron ACW Ironclads – Home | Facebook

And then there is the Last Drifters – The Last Drifters post apocalyptic game – Home | Facebook

Please visit them and if you play the games then I would love to see any battle reports of your games or pictures of your painting or modelling, post up on one of the Community pages.

You can even ask any rules related questions or even let me know what you would like to see in any future rules updates or supplements.


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  1. David Schaffner

    Hi Mac,
    I’ve had your B,W, & I rules for almost a year now, and have been slowly working up my gunboat collection for playing the rules, and made up a customized ‘Yazoo River’ gaming mat to feature these actions on (hoping to host a first game for my group in September). I was wondering if you would mind working up a few ship datasheets for gunboats not included in the base rules package for me?
    If you don’t have the time to do digital ships cards, perhaps just the stats data, which I could apply to make up my own digital renderings with?
    The two gunboats in question, would be for –
    CSS Grampus (a scout boat more than a gunboat of course, stern-wheel river steamer )
    CSS Jackson (previously the sidewheel tug Yankee)
    Thanks for your help!
    Dave Schaffner
    P.S. I’ve participated a few times in threads with you over on the TMP forum (FlyXwire is my handle there)

    • Mac

      Hi Dave,

      I hope you enjoy playing BS&I, and I would love to see some pictures of your games ( and your ships )
      Have a look at the FAQ’s for the game on this site, there were one or two errors in the rules, simple spelling mistakes of ship names etc. that got missed in the proof reading.

      As for those ship cards I will have a look at the ships you want and will try and get a couple of cards done for you.


      • David John Schaffner

        Thanks Mac!

        These additional rebel ships (along with some shore batteries) will be the elements I’ll use in an intro-scenario as my debut attempt at putting on a game of B,S, &I (hoping 1st impressions might snag a few of my buds, if their initial experience with the game is at least well-prepared and presented.


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