Dwarf reinforcements…

As the titles says these are just some Dwarf reinforcements that I have managed to finish this week, not had a lot of time to do much over the last week or two so was pleased to at least get these done.

So I now have a Field Mortar to give some indirect heavy support for my Dwarf’s, this is the old GW Empire model which I think works just as well with the Dwarf crew.

Next I have a Cannon this again is an old GW one, every Dwarf army should have at least one cannon to take care of all those big monsters!!

Then I have used my old Rocket Launcher from my Kings of War army, this one was added just because I like the idea of rockets hitting enemy troops as they can be really scary! 😉

And to add to these heavy hitters I have put together another unit of Dwarf Warriors but this time a bigger unit of twenty, and again I have just done a really quick paint job ( so arms-length quality ) but they should look good on the table with the other units.

I am still looking around for a ‘big’ model to add to the Dwarf’s but so far I have not found anything that I can use that will fit with the style of this army, something with lots of wounds and that can dish out a lot of damage and it has to be something with a Dwarf feel to it to work… I do have a large Stone Golem model which I have been thinking about but not sure how I could add it to the list yet.

Well for now I am calling the main army done so will now start to do the bases ready for my first battle with them, I will put some pictures up when these are all finished but for now here is a quick picture of all the reinforcements.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    Nice Stunties you’ve got there!
    Although I’m more of an Crystal Elf fan myself … all fancy uniforms & sabres!

    If you’re looking for something big monster-like but suitably Dwarf-tech, check out the Scotia Grendel 28mm resin monsters range – they do a big chunky Dwarf steam golem thingy – comes in 3 or so different versions (I bought the axe & shield one for my DarkeStorme Dwarf unit).

    Or, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, check out the Mierce range of Bane Beasts & such. I’ve yet to get myself the Tarrasque they do, but it’s still on the plan!

    • Mac

      Thanks Vic,
      I really like these Dwarves some of the casts have real character.

      The Scotia Grendel golems are a little bit more mechanical than I was looking for although they would fit in with my Space Stunties really well.

      I have seen the Mierce stuff before really nice but some of them are slightly above my price range though, but if I was doing a Chaos army they do have some really superb big models that would look great in it.

      No, I must resist…

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