Destruction Derby at the Hope Valley settlement…

It’s a baking hot June day here in Hope Valley and the temperatures are up in the hundreds and the settlement is running its annual festival, three days of races and markets and all are welcome.

There have been several races already with some great action but now it’s time for the big event of the day and that is the destruction derby, this always brings out all the big names.

All wanting to get some of the big prizes available, this one event can give a drifter enough supplies to last several months so everyone wants some of the action.

The five cars now in the ring are all previous winners of this event so we are looking at the clash of the titans, and we are expecting an exciting few minutes once the starter gun is fired… we have a local hero in the ring today Blade is back as last years winner to try and hold onto his title.

Each vehicle has had special modifications done just for this event and each driver has taken a passenger to control the turret weapon.

And there goes the starter gun and the drivers waste no time and screech forward towards the centre of the ring…

This is just a simple Destruction Derby game I got to play a few days ago using five cars with basic upgrades of light armour and either big bumpers or dozer blades, the extra weapons have been evened out just for this event and all vehicles have been restricted to HMG’s mounted on a roof turret and twin auto-guns on the front. Their passives are oil and either spikes or mines.

From left to right Dozer, Blade, Spike, Wipe Out and Ace

Turn one…

All the cars accelerate towards the centre of the ring and Blade is the first one to start shooting his passenger fires a full burst at long range at Spike but doesn’t manage to get through the vehicles armour.

Dozer fires off at Wipe Out he also fails to do any damage, then Spike manages to get some light damage on Blades vehicle and Ace hits Dozer getting through the vehicles armour.

Turn two…

Ace powers towards Dozer trying to get some close in shots, but Dozers passenger sees the move and fires off his HMG and puts several shots through Ace’s armour.

Ace’s passenger is not phased by the hits on the vehicle and takes steady aim at Dozer’s vehicle and puts a couple of heavy shells through the side of Dozer’s car, but his shooting ends in a loud clunk as his HMG jams!!

Wipe Out moves towards Dozer firing into the rear of his vehicle causing some heavy damage, Dozer didn’t like that.

Spike managed to drive close to Blade and put a couple of shots into the side of his vehicle.

Turn three…

Ace’s passenger manages to un-jam the HMG and looks for a target and sees Dozer but in his haste most of his shots miss only managing to do a little light damage, he cursed loudly at his stupidity…

Dozer powers away from Ace and heads for Blade firing his auto-guns as he closed the gap, he saw at least one or two of the shells hit Blades vehicle but he swore as he heard his guns jam!

Spike put his foot hard down on the accelerator and powered towards Wipe Out firing his auto-guns as he went and smiled as he saw at least half of his shots hit the target.

Wipe Out ignored Spike and turned and headed towards Dozer and fired everything that he and his passenger could into the rear of Dozer’s vehicle at point blank range, they were pleased to see that the HMG and the auto-guns caused a fair amount of damage, Dozer was not so pleased as he heard bits falling off the back of his car…

Blade and Spike’s passengers turned their HMG’s and targeted Dozer ripping into the vehicle and causing lots of damage shaking Dozer and his passenger badly, things are not looking good for Dozer at the moment.

Turn four…

The passenger in Blades car tries to finish off Dozer but somehow misses with most of his shots.

Ace powers around and fires his auto-guns into Spike’s vehicle managing to get some light damage, Dozer accelerates away trying to put a little distance between him and the other drivers and drops some spikes on the dirt behind his vehicle.

Wipe Out moves in close behind Dozer firing his auto-guns and is pleased to see smoke billowing from the rear of Dozer’s vehicle… that’s the end of the event for him, Dozer and his passenger quickly leave the vehicle and get to the edge and safety.

Spike tries to get around to shoot at Blade but doesn’t manage to get in the right position so just drops some oil behind his vehicle to try and dissuade any one coming close behind him.

Ace tries to move in behind Spike but the oil on the floor seemed to put him off slightly, but Spike’s passenger sees Ace and fires his HMG hitting Ace’s vehicle causing some more damage.

Turn five…

Blade’s vehicle roars after Wipe Out and fires his auto-gun at point blank range and is pleased to see most of the shots go through Wipe Out’s armour.

Spike pushes his vehicle up to its full speed and powers away from Ace trying to put some distance between them, he then drops some more oil behind his vehicle.

Ace spins back around and ignores Spike and heads towards the other two vehicles.

Turn six…

Spike pulled back in towards Blade and fired off his auto-guns getting a couple more hits, Ace comes back towards the centre of the ring firing some hopeful long shots at Blade but all of them missed.

Wipe Out turns back in towards the centre as well firing at Ace as he moved causing a couple of hits, all of these cars are now suffering quite heavy damage, this could be all over fairly soon…

Ace’s passenger fired his HMG into the on coming Wipe Out but failed to do any damage, Wipe Out’s passenger returned fire but also didn’t mange to do any damage.

Blade spun his vehicle around in a tight turn to come in close behind Spike’s vehicle, but before his passenger could fire Spike’s passenger opened up with his HMG ripping into Blade’s vehicle shaking Blade and his passenger.

Even though Blade’s passenger was shaken by that shooting he still managed to fire his HMG hitting Spike’s vehicle, but he also managed to jam his gun in the process!

Turn seven…

Blade’s passenger managed to calm down enough to un-jam his HMG.

Wipe Out sees his opportunity to ram into Ace and roars forward smashing into the side of Ace’s vehicle spinning it around in a cloud of dust, Ace and his passenger didn’t know what hit them they are both badly shaken… but somehow Ace was still in this battle.

Spike also sees a chance to ram Wipe Out but couldn’t quiet hold his vehicle steady as he turned so didn’t manage to make contact with Wipe Out, but that didn’t stop him shooting… he can now see smoke coming from Wipe Out’s vehicle!

Spike’s passenger also fires his HMG into Wipe Out’s vehicle causing more damage.

Blade sees his chance and asks for every bit of power his engine could give and roars into the side of Spike’s vehicle!!! Spike’s vehicle is destroyed in this collision and spins into Wipe Out’s vehicle taking his vehicle out as well.

At the start of turn eight it is down to two badly damaged vehicles, Ace and Blade…

Both vehicles accelerated forward but Blade’s passenger was the quickest to find his target and managed to put Ace’s vehicle out of this battle… so Blade is the winner and will collect his prize.

Wow that was close, on that last turn Blade and Ace’s vehicles were down to their last point of damage and both drivers and passengers were badly shaken, I think Blade will be buying his passenger a few drinks later.

Well another really fun game with lots of exciting moments, some really poor shooting in the early turns but all the drivers and passengers seemed to get better as the battle went on.

Because of the restricted space in the ring the drivers kept their speeds down which made maneuvering easier but as the vehicles started to take damage they took more risks and their speeds increased allowing for the rams in the last couple of turns of the game.

Yep that was fun, and I am already looking forward to testing Blade and his vehicle in another game soon…

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    That sure looked fun 😀 and a great batrep too!

    Arena deathmatch games aren’t normally my kind of thing, but I have played the odd one in space games – I’m sure you’ll have played something similar, everybody gets a heavy cruiser & its last man standing type of thing – but I always felt they were a bit contrived …

    However, in a Post Apocalyptic setting these sort of gladiatorial contests could be the way of things … “Two cars enter, one car leaves …” where’s Tina when you need her?

    But the prizes would have to be worth it – you’re not going to drive your only car and/or means of survival into a ring, hope for the best & risk its loss for a jerrican of petrol!
    At least, I hope not … 😉


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      Thanks mate, the game really was great fun and really close, either car could have won.

      I also think this type of battle works for a post apocalyptic game, it does feel like this would be a “thing” in this type of setting.

      Yeah you are correct the prize would have to be really good to risk having your vehicle destroyed, but I sort of feel that there would be plenty of old cars around for parts and for re-builds, it would probably be the fuel that was the harder thing to find.
      I guess we have to gloss over these sort of things so
      that these types of sci-fi games work.
      I don’t know, as long as it is fun I am happy ;O)


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