Crystalline Wars: The Card Game – Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

Crystalline Wars: The Card Game will soon be launching on Kickstarter! Our pre-launch page is live, where you can register your interest and receive notifications when the campaign goes live.

Crystalline Wars is a dynamic and engaging card game filled with elemental magic and strategic surprises. Whether you have a few spare minutes or want to immerse yourself in a longer session, this game offers endless fun and challenge. The solo version, in particular, is a real test of your skills and of course great fun.

One of the standout features of Crystalline Wars is the variety of gameplay options available:

  • Solo Play: Challenge yourself and see if you can outwit the game’s AI in a thrilling solo experience.
  • Free-for-All: Engage in an intense battle with up to six players. These games can be lengthy but incredibly exciting, as everyone fights to be the last wizard standing.
  • Team Play: Form teams of two or three for cooperative strategy and teamwork. Whether it’s 2v2, 2v2v2, or 3v3, team battles bring a new dimension of fun and camaraderie.
  • Crystal Clash: Play using the Crystals and Spells deck, ideal for those who enjoy a streamlined experience. This mode reflects the training grounds for wizards, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity – it’s just as thrilling.

In Crystalline Wars, you step into the shoes of a wizard creating powerful fusions to defeat your opponents. As a wizard you combine Elemental Crystals to form potent fusions – the more unique crystals you combine, the greater the damage. However, beware of other wizards! They will try to disrupt your fusions, break your elements, cancel your spells, or even steal your fusions to use against you!

Every game is a battle of wits and strategy, where the only certainty is that everyone is out to be the last wizard standing. Will you emerge as the victorious wizard? Will you be the one to survive the elemental onslaught? There’s only one way to find out – pop over to Kickstarter now and sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live and then pledge to get your copy of Crystalline Wars: The Card Game.

Crystalline Wars Card Game by Fyndoria.Games — Kickstarter

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to follow our pre-launch page on Kickstarter. Join us on this magical journey and become a part of Crystalline Wars!

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