Blood Sweat & Iron new ships progress.

A bit of a slow week for me this time, this close to Christmas I have found that I haven’t had much chance of a game so I looked at doing a little modelling, the first thing I thought of was the newly printed 3D ACW ships.

These were now based and were now ready for the next stage…

So I got out all the Confederate ships that I had printed for Blood Sweat & Iron, I had decided it was time to add the river to the bases… I have to be honest here, I really hate this part of the modelling process, it always seems to take ages and I have got a lot of ships to do which was not going to make things any easier or quicker!

For this part of the process I use GW Liquid Green Stuff as I find this is great for adding to the base to make a river surface, it is wet enough to be easy to apply but thick enough to be able to make small waves in it.

I have found that Milliput is a little to thick and not as easy to apply to the base, it’s great for normal figure bases where things can be a little more chunky and uneven, but I don’t find it useful for a water base.

So after many hours of work over a few evenings, I have all the bases done, I do still have a little work to do on these ships before I am finished though, things like changing a few of the funnels as my printer does struggle with printing them, some are a little ‘wobbly’ so I will change them with some pieces of small plastic tubing that I have, and they are also very fragile!

Well here are the ships almost ready for painting…

CSS Selma ( back ) and CSS Muscogee ( front )
CSS Fredricksberg ( back ) and CSS Tennessee ( front )
CSS Louisiana ( back ) and CSS Raleigh ( front )
CSS Mississippi ( back ) and CSS Savannah ( front )
CSS Virginia ( back ) and CSS Richmond ( front )
CSS Chicora ( back ) and CSS Missouri ( front )
CSS Alabama ( back ) and CSS Atlanta ( front )

I did have to do some extra modelling on the CSS Alabama, my printer could not handle some of the masts on this ship during the printing process, so I removed the offending miss printed parts from the model and looked around for something to replace them.

And I found a couple of tooth picks and thought that they would be perfect with a little bit of work, soon I had all three cut and had stuck them in place, all I need to do now is make some furled sails to finish this ship off… I am not sure that my modelling skills will allow me to make these but I guess time will tell.

Once the sails are done ( if the sails get done! ) I will start to paint them all, then after that I will start to base up the Union ships ( there is less of them so they shouldn’t take as long )

I do need to take another look at the Gun Boats that I printed and see what I can do to them to make them a little better, once I have worked that out I may need to print out a few more, as I have been told that this type of ship was used a lot on several rivers during the war, and these Gun Boats were involved in some famous battles, so having a few more will be good, I might even be able to do some scenarios around them.

Well next time I should be able to show these ships all painted up and finished ready for the table.

Don’t forget the Discord server is now up and running, pop over say hello, the link is under the Community tab.

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