Ambush at Hadley’s Junction – a Last Drifters game.

A tanker full of fuel is being escorted to one of the large settlements in the wastelands, this fuel is needed to enable the settlement to run its power plants and also for its residents and scavenging vehicles, it is vital that this fuel gets through.

Ace and Blade have been hired to escort the truck and its precious cargo.

A local gang has seen the truck and decided to try and stop it and take the fuel.

Can the truck get through or will the gang be able to stop it?

The gang will have to take out the two escorts and stop the tanker to claim a victory, if the tanker manages to get off the road at the junction then it will get a victory ( if both escorts get off as well then it would be a major victory )

Convoy –

A heavily armed fuel tanker and two Drifters as escorts 1,963 points

Gang –

One car and three pick-ups / heavy vehicles and three bikers 2,897 points

Set-up, the truck and its escorts are set up on one end of the road travelling at a nice cautious speed, no point in having an accident on this old dusty desert road.

Two gang cars head in towards the truck from this side.
Two gang vehicles and three bikers roar down the road towards the truck.

The gang is split with two vehicles coming in from the left of the truck at full speed with the rest on the road heading towards the truck and it’s escorts.

Turn one and the truck and its escorts start to accelerate down the road turning their weapons towards the fast approaching vehicles on their left, the truck took some damage from a missile fired from the pickup truck.

The truck returns fire causing heavy damage to the pickup causing the driver to panic break and skid kicking up dust everywhere.

Two of the gangs vehicles front mounted autoguns jammed while firing as they bounced over the rough ground towards the truck.

The gangers by the junction power down the road towards the truck dropping spikes on the road behind them, they could cause the truck problems if it continues on down the road.

All three bikers raced along at full speed following the road looking to attack the truck from its right hand side, guessing that the big truck wouldn’t be able to shoot at them if the truck is firing at the other vehicles.

Turn two both gang vehicles manage to unjam their autoguns, the pickup drives around in front of the truck and fires off its autoguns hoping to get some more damage on the big vehicle and only manages to get some light damage before the autoguns jam again! The passenger fires off a missile at point blank range hoping to really hurt the tanker, but all he hears is a loud clunk as the launcher jams… it’s not his lucky day. The other pickup on that side of the tanker tries to get in behind the big vehicle.

Ace decides to go and play chicken with the fast approaching gang vehicles on the road firing all the vehicles weapons as he closes the gap.

The driver of the truck accelerates up to its maximum speed and follows Ace down the road dropping a smoke cannister on the road behind him.

One of the gang vehicles on the road decides that he wasn’t going to play chicken with ace and moves onto the dusty ground at the side of the road and comes at the truck from its left hand side firing as it moved.

The other gang vehicle turned hard around the billboard and turned back around moving back towards the junction.

The bikers moved around and came in at Ace from the side firing their autoguns as they closed in on him causing some light damage which was enough to make Ace panic break, one of the bikers moved towards the truck and hit it in the side doing some more light damage.

Blade powers around a large rock and comes at one of the gang vehicles with all guns blazing hitting the gang vehicle several times, but then Blades passenger manages to somehow jam his HMG… it was that bikers lucky day!

Turn three one of the passengers on the truck is still trying to un-jam the minigun, also the passenger on Blades vehicle is still trying to un-jam his HMG.

The wind has blown the smoke away from behind the tanker which is not good for those on board, so any gang vehicle that gets in behind the tanker will have an easy target.

Ace screeches from the road and moves up behind one of the gang vehicles hitting it with his autoguns causing some damage, the gang vehicle then accelerates away trying to get a little distance between him and Ace.

The gang car moves in close behind the tanker firing everything it has into the rear of the trailer and sees pieces of the truck fall away!! Getting that close might not have been a good idea…

The tanker driver moves his big vehicle carefully off the road to try and avoid those spikes dropping another cannister of smoke as he moves, and Blade swings his vehicle around moving back towards the tanker to try and give it some support.

Turn four and the passenger on the tanker finally un-jams his minigun ready to shoot any gangers that come close.

One of the gang vehicles moves in and hits the tanker with a few shots causing some light damage, then Blade sees an opportunity and shouts at his passenger to hold on to something and powers into the gang vehicle spinning it around and into the front of the oncoming tanker!!!

One of the gang bikers moves right into point blank range of the tanker and fires off his autoguns causing huge amounts of damage on the big vehicle, another biker sees what his gang mate had done and moves into a similar position hoping to try and stop the tanker… and only manages to get one more hit.

Blades passenger opens up with his HMG and takes out the gang vehicle that Blade had just rammed.

The rest of the gang vehicles move in on the stricken tanker and hit it with everything they have and the tanker is out of it, it can no longer be driven until it has been repaired.

Can the two drifters save the day by destroying the remaining vehicles or would they cut their losses and leave the junction?

Turn five and Ace side swipes a gang biker as he pulls past taking out one of the bikes, he then swings around in front of the now stationary tanker firing at long range at a gang vehicle.

The gang vehicle then drives alongside of Ace and opens up with the turreted HMG doing a little light damage, but then the HMG jams.

Two of the gang bikers realised that they were too close to other vehicles just a little bit too late and ran into a destroyed gang vehicle and the tanker, but somehow both bikes survived!!

Ace and Blade both feel that now would be a good time to leave the area and head off back to the settlement, Blade sideswipes another one of the gang bikers as he goes past and takes him out…

They will leave the gang with the tanker and its fuel as they know it will take them a while to get the repairs done before they can move it, so they should be able to get back with some help before the gang can get away with the tanker.


Well that didn’t go to plan! The escorts were doing ok and dishing out a fair bit of damage on the gang, but they just couldn’t do enough to really make a difference.

And those two bikers got so lucky when they got in close and shot the tanker, I rolled a critical hit for both bikes and both critical hits caused even more hits which took over half of the trucks hit points in one go!!! And that was that, up until that point the drifters were doing well, they should have made it across the table and off the other end, but luck was against them ( and my bad dice rolls )

Again it was so close, two bikes and two gang vehicles were down to their last point of damage and one other gang vehicle had two points left, I just couldn’t finish them 😖

Both Ace and Blade had taken over half their damage points and were both shaken so all I could do was run them for the table edge.

I think the one thing that hurt the convoy the most ( apart from all those critical hits ) was that the tankers passenger failed to un-jam his minigun for two turns, that thing really hurts so not having it for two turns wasn’t good. I think next time I try this I will take another minigun on the tanker as two on board would have been deadly.

I gave the gang about 900 points more than the drifters to give them a chance of stopping the tanker, I think that they probably need a few more next time, if it wasn’t for all those critical hits they would have had a real hard time stopping the big truck ( I will play it a few more times to see how it goes with the extra point )

The gang did the only thing they could do in this scenario and that was to concentrate every possible shot on the tanker and then worry about the drifters afterwards.

Ace and Blade both missed a lot of shots in this game which also didn’t help things.

Oh well they will be back, and the gang will pay…

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