A quick build for the Last Drifters, plus other bits!

As the title says this was a quick build for the Last Drifters, I had a nice looking car ( a Jaguar XJ-8 ) and wanted to make it fit in with the wasteland type vehicles.

And as I am working on the new supplement at the moment and that just so happens to have rules for side sponsons, I thought that I would put on a couple of side guns to this car, in this case they were going to be two 3D printed machine guns.

The first thing that the car needed was some armour so I added some cardboard and wire mesh to the windows, this instantly made the vehicle look like something from the wastelands.

I then added the 3D printed machine guns one on each side of the car.

Then I added an old print ( from my old printer, the detail is not great ) of a heavy machinegun to the roof.

Then I added two small exhausts to the rear and a dozer blade to the front, at that point I thought that was enough extras for this car.

Next it was time to paint the car, so the first thing to do was to prime the vehicle ready to take the paint, once this was dry I noticed that some glue had got onto some parts of the vehicle and it had left the surface looking a little rough.

The two small prongs on the top right of the dozer blade snapped off while I painted the vehicle!!

After looking at this for a minute or two trying to work out what to do with the mess, I thought that it would make great rust areas so I sanded down the areas slightly just to thin the areas down a little.

Then I touched up those areas with a little more primer, then waited for that to dry.

Next came the rust paint, this was just straight out of the bottle Model Air Rust, this was the first time using this paint and I was very pleased with the colour.

I then painted the weapons with Army Painter Matt Black and once that was dry I gave them a light drybrush of Model Air Gun Metal, and then finished these off with very light drybrush of the rust colour on the chains holding the guns to the doors.

Then for the main vehicle paintwork I used another Model Air colour this time it was Underside Blue ‘Faded’ this is a nice pale blue and once dried I added tiny amounts of the rust colour again just to bring back some of the rust that I had accidently covered with the blue.

And that was that, I did a coat of Vallejo Matt Varnish to seal the car ready for playing in my games.

A real simple customisation and a very quick paint job… ok it’s an ugly looking paint job, but it should be ok for a wasteland vehicle.

Now I need to sort through the rest of my vehicles, this time I may might do some heavy vehicles ( or at least heavily armoured ) for a destruction derby and maybe even a gun or two!!

mmmm which ones shall I use?

I also have another nine ‘racing’ cars ( well some weird fast looking cars, some are very odd! ) which I may do something with, they might be good for racing games in the Last Drifters, just not sure my imagination or modelling skills would be good enough to make the weird ones look good 😒

Oh and then I have three gang trike’s, five motorbikes to use as Security Force bikes and one bike with a side car, plus three more gang / drifter bikes.

So lots to do over the next few weeks.

Come on over to my Discord server to chat about your car builds and show us some pictures or chat about your games of the Last Drifters rules.

You will find the link to my server on the Community tab at the top of the site.

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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    That’s a sweet car you made their, the rust really works!
    On some of your convention’s you could paint one of the pannals a different colour ! Like the drifter replaced it.
    I would like to see how you do that yellow and black jalopy in the second row from the left fourth down; although the more angular car’s see to work best for drifter cars.
    What game are those yellow from? Are they GW Dark future? They look so familiar.
    Now for the important stuff…….ME! 😉
    I Got both of those heroquest expansion’s at the orible shop! One of the staff was kind enough to give me his reserved copy so I’m happy.
    I can continue my speed (NOT!) painting project ,god I hate production line painting 🙁 .

  2. Zac

    What I ment to type was …
    *What game are those yellow motorbikes from? Are they GW Dark future? They look so familiar.

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      Yes they are the plastic bikes from Dark Future, they were given to me a while back, I just need to paint them now.

      Glad you got the expansions for Hero Quest mate.


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