A long lonely road… the Last Drifters scenario

Lucky was feeling good as he and Chuck, his passenger on the mission, were heading back to Dustfields settlement after they had successfully traded the supplies for the weapons. These weapons were now safely stowed away in the rear of the vehicle.

He had done this trip for the settlement a few times now so was well aware that he was a target for the local gangs, especially now on this leg of the job.

He looked in the rear view and could see Chuck snoring on the back seat, he laughed, that man could sleep anytime and anywhere he thought to himself, and he often did.

Every gang in the area would be up for acquiring the cargo he was carrying, but so far their trip had been uneventful…

Then he saw them, coming towards him was a small group of gangers, they must have been watching and waiting for him to make his return trip.

Well he had nowhere to go they were in front of him cutting him off from the settlement, so he would have to fight. He shouted to Chuck “buckle up we have company!” and put his boot down harder on the accelerator and roared towards the gangers…

This is a playtest of a simple supply run type scenario for the Last Drifters post-apocalyptic car game, I decided to run Lucky again against this small gang, he is carrying weapon supplies that they want.

Lucky has to survive long enough to destroy any three gang vehicles, at that point he can try and leave the table, and the gang have to stop him.

Lucky 950 points

Local Gang 1200 points ( three bikes and two cars )

Set up was with Lucky on the road on the left-hand end of the table with the gang on the road at the right-hand end of the table all vehicles are travelling at full speed.

Turn one the gang bikers come roaring down the dusty road firing at Lucky as they come, with all their shots bouncing off of Lucky’s front armour, Chuck rubbed sleep from his eyes and fires the turret mounted medium machine gun at the bikers and managed to score at least one hit with the first bust from the weapon.

Lucky reduces his speed slightly as the bikers get closer and takes his vehicle off the old dusty road putting an old wreck between him and the bikers.

Turn two and Lucky brings his car around and hits one of the gang vehicles in the side with both of his linked light machine guns, with several hits punching through the vehicles armour.

Two gang bikes and one gang car start to circle around the wrecked vehicle and try to get behind Lucky, the other biker and car turn the other way heading around one of the billboards to try and get infront of Lucky.

Chuck turns the MMG around to put some more holes in the gang car that is on the road.

Turn three and Lucky powers his vehicle back over the road towards the gang car on this side and fires off his linked LMG’s causing several hits!! The driver of the gang vehicle was hit by flying shrapnel but manages to hold his vehicle steady.

All the shooting from the bikes bounce off Lucky’s armour, he really is living up to his name!

Turn four one of the gang cars roars around the billboard and hits Lucky in the back end of his vehicle causing light damage almost causing him to panic! He hadn’t expected the vehicle to get around behind him so quickly.

Then the gang vehicle hit him again with its roof mounted LMG, once the shooting had died down Chuck shouted “I think I can smell fuel back here!!”

Lucky spins his vehicle around and smashes into one of the gang bikers taking the vehicle out of this fight, and Chuck turns his MMG towards the nearest biker and opens fire causing some damage but not enough to destroy it.

Even though Lucky managed to take out one gang bike this turn it was still a really bad turn for him and Chuck, he needs to find some of that ‘luck’ next turn or things are not going to end well for them both.

Turn five sees one of the gang cars move in close behind Lucky opening up with its linked autoguns causing even more damage to the rear of Lucky’s vehicle!!

Lucky realizes he needs to get away from where he is and so flips the Nitrox switch and roars away trying to put some distance between him and the gangers, he then decides it would be a good time to drop some smoke behind him so releases a canister on the road behind.

The gang bikers slide their bikes around and head off to chase Lucky firing wildly through the smoke.

Chuck somehow manages to get a couple of hits on the gang car just getting back onto the road and does some more damage, Lucky thinks that he will have to buy Chuck a beer if they get back to the settlement today.

But the gang vehicle then moves up behind Lucky and fires through the smoke and manages to get a hit!

Turn six and disaster as the gang vehicle smashes into the back end of Lucky’s car taking him out of the fight…

He and Chuck managed to crawl away from the vehicle and got to safety, probably because the gang was only interested in getting the weapons that were stowed away in the back of the car.

Lucky and Chuck lived to tell their tale and hopefully after getting another vehicle they will be back.

Well that didn’t go as planned! Lucky was simply overwhelmed by the gang, once he was out of position and the gang managed to get behind him he was in trouble, even his use of the Nitrox and smoke didn’t help him enough.

Well that’s what happens when you try out new scenarios, sometimes it goes wrong, so all I can do is adjust a few things and try it again.

I think Lucky had a few things going for him, but more things were against him –

His car was better than all of the gang’s vehicles, it had better armour and weapons plus lots of upgrades, that turret really gives a big advantage.

But the number of gang vehicles meant that the odds were against Lucky going first ( or going when he wanted to ) even though he did manage to get the drop on the gang for three turns, he lost his luck in the later part of the fight and the gang members got the jump on him when they needed it most.

The one good vehicle can win against a small gang but I will probably have to decrease the points that the gang have to start with for their upgrades as that will give the one car a slightly better chance of winning.

Having said all that after looking at the damage on the remaining gang vehicles it was a lot closer than maybe the report suggests, both gang cars were down to half damage and one bike was down to its last two points of damage.

If I had given Lucky some bigger weapons the game could have been a whole different affair, he hit them lots of times but wasn’t doing enough damage which the bigger weapons would have done… I might have to try it again with the same points for the gang but increase the lone drifters upgrade points.

Oh well Lucky will be back…

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