A few more ACW ships come off the painting table…

Today I finished off some ACW ships for Blood Sweat & Iron, I printed most of these over the last couple of weeks and have only just got around to painting them ready for some games.

First we have a the CSS Manassas a crazy little ship that looks more like a sausage or cigar than a ship! but I know having it in the Confederate fleet it will lead to some fun games.

Next up is the USS Milwaukee a big Union Ironclad this thing is a bit ugly ( maybe how it printed ) but it will be a good addition to my games, I will also now print off two more as its sister ships were USS Winnebago and USS Kickapoo so three of these big ships will make for a hard battle.

Next we have another Union ship the USS Canonicus a single turreted Ironclad, this one has two sister ships as well which I will now start to print the USS Saugus and the USS Tecumseh.

Next up is the CSS Huntsville, this is a nice 3D print and a useful Ironclad for the Confederates to use in their battles.

And last but not least is this model from the Peter Pig Miniatures ACW Riverine range the CSS General Bragg a lovely paddle steamer, I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality of this model when I first started cleaning it up and getting it ready for painting.

When I looked closely at the model I saw sections of the upper hull structures that were badly cast and this was a little worrying as I knew those sections were going to be white and very visible.

I have seen this fault on a couple of their other ships that I have and although they weren’t as bad as this one it was still slightly annoying.

Well after painting I am happier with the finish than I thought I would be, you can still see the faults if you look closely but they will not spoil the model when it is on the table ( my bad painting hides it!! )

And now a couple of group shots to finish with, I have really loved painting these ships just like all the rest I have.

I really enjoy reading about the ships and the battles and of course playing ACW Ironclad games with the ships is also great fun.

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