A few more ACW ships come off the painting table…

Today I finished off some ACW ships for Blood Sweat & Iron, I printed most of these over the last couple of weeks and have only just got around to painting them ready for some games.

First we have a the CSS Manassas a crazy little ship that looks more like a sausage or cigar than a ship! but I know having it in the Confederate fleet it will lead to some fun games.

Next up is the USS Milwaukee a big Union Ironclad this thing is a bit ugly ( maybe how it printed ) but it will be a good addition to my games, I will also now print off two more as its sister ships were USS Winnebago and USS Kickapoo so three of these big ships will make for a hard battle.

Next we have another Union ship the USS Canonicus a single turreted Ironclad, this one has two sister ships as well which I will now start to print the USS Saugus and the USS Tecumseh.

Next up is the CSS Huntsville, this is a nice 3D print and a useful Ironclad for the Confederates to use in their battles.

And last but not least is this model from the Peter Pig Miniatures ACW Riverine range the CSS General Bragg a lovely paddle steamer, I wasn’t overly impressed with the quality of this model when I first started cleaning it up and getting it ready for painting.

When I looked closely at the model I saw sections of the upper hull structures that were badly cast and this was a little worrying as I knew those sections were going to be white and very visible.

I have seen this fault on a couple of their other ships that I have and although they weren’t as bad as this one it was still slightly annoying.

Well after painting I am happier with the finish than I thought I would be, you can still see the faults if you look closely but they will not spoil the model when it is on the table ( my bad painting hides it!! )

And now a couple of group shots to finish with, I have really loved painting these ships just like all the rest I have.

I really enjoy reading about the ships and the battles and of course playing ACW Ironclad games with the ships is also great fun.

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  1. Patrick Woodard

    Hello from VA! I’m the one that created those printable ironclads from Thingiverse. Glad to see you getting lots of use and enjoying them in your games!

    • Mac

      Hi Patrick,
      They are very nice models, on all the original ones I had to remove the base in a 3D program as it was too thick, but the newer designs without the base are much better… have you ever thought of doing some wooden ships like paddle steamers that could be used in ACW battles?
      My printer is really cheap and the quality is not great, but I think the models came out good, the only issue I have is my printer has trouble printing the funnels ☹ so on some of the ships I have had to replace them with plastic tubing.
      Keep up the good work Patrick, really nice models.

      • Patrick Woodard

        I released a Miscellaneous set last month that has all those ships in it. Lots of wooden ships like Minnesota, Housatonic, Alabama, plus a few more iron ships, and several paddle steamers.

        • Mac

          That sounds great…

          Ok I have found them and they look great, not sure my old printer will be able to manage those masts but maybe the fort and a couple of the ships.
          If I manage to get any printed I will put up the results on here.

          Again you have done some nice models, great work.

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