A Drifter goes a hunting… A Last Drifters battle.

Well I found that I had an evening spare that meant I had time for a game, Mrs Mac said that it would be fun to play The Last Drifters again… and of course she was eager to beat me again!

So I set up a small table with a road running across the centre with a few pieces of scenery scattered around to make things a little more interesting, this time I wasn’t going to let her beat me in a race.

I decided to run a very simple scenario and have a lone Drifter hunting down part of a local gang, the gang would be coming down the road after raiding a local settlement (or something similar) they would be driving down the road when they see the Drifter coming towards them.

So on one side we had a Drifter in the armoured vehicle with a 40mm Grenade Launcher on a turret fixed to the roof and two linked Heavy Machineguns fixed to the front, with the driver and a passenger.

And on the other side there was a basic car with light armour and two linked light machineguns fixed on the front, with a driver and passenger, plus four motorbikes.

The bikes had their basic Autoguns fixed on the front and the drivers had pistols.

Mrs Mac decided to run the Drifter as she liked the look of the heavy armoured vehicle… and the big guns!

The Drifter was at a slight disadvantage with lower points spent on the vehicle and of course the number of dice in the bag, but the gang was still going to find it hard to get through the armour on the Drifters vehicle and they should be very scared of the weapons it is carrying… so it should be about even.

I was determined to win this game as Mrs Mac was starting to get a bit cheeky with her beating me all the time, so I thought it was about time I took her down a peg or two… so I started by mentioning something about women drivers!! That got the game off to a good start 😉

Turn one, and my bikes raced towards the lone drifter, two to one side of the road one to the other and one foolish idiot racing straight at the Drifter’s big guns!! He fired off a couple of shots that just bounced off the front armour of the Drifter’s vehicle.

The Drifter moved cautiously forward and let rip with the linked heavy machineguns at the suicidal biker on the road and missed all but two shots!! Then only managed to do one point of damage, I expected to just see a wheel go rolling off down the road with the rest of the bike blown to bits, but no the biker had survived.

The Drifter’s passenger didn’t want to waste one of the shots from the 40mm grenade launcher on a stupid bike so he leaned out of the side window and fired at the bike and managed to do one point of damage.

My gang car moved down the road to get into firing range of the Drifter’s vehicle but was still to far away to get anything on target.

Turn two and Mrs Mac decided it would be fun to ram my ganger’s car!!!! Damn I didn’t see that coming… Now, anyone that plays the game knows fairly early on that ramming can be nasty for both vehicles, well they know after their first time ramming, but I do not think that Mrs Mac had ever rammed in a game before so she drove her vehicle into the side of my car, well it didn’t go well as the big Drifters vehicle spun my smaller gang vehicle around and did a lot of damage, but the Drifters car took damage as well ( I did wonder if that would be bad for her later in the game )

So my car had spun out and come to a stop and the Drifter’s vehicle powered on past, but not before firing off a 40mm from the turret GL into my almost defenseless car… and it harmlessly bounced away doing no damage at all.

Oh dear, I didn’t laugh, honest… no really I didn’t, Mrs Mac was not happy with her dice.

My bikers raced around firing off a few shots and managing to get in a point or two of damage, but nothing much was happening for me at the moment.

Turn three and the driver of the ganger vehicle slammed it into reverse and floored the accelerator and got behind the Drifters vehicle and fired off his light machineguns at almost point-blank range into the thick rear armour, and managed to find a weak spot in the putting a few more points of damage on the big vehicle.

It was starting to look like the damage the Drifter’s vehicle took from the ram might be a problem for Mrs Mac. 🤔

My bikers again raced around firing off a few shots but as they could only get their pistols on target, they had little chance of finding a way through the tough armour.

The Drifter’s vehicle spun around and drove at one of my bikers ramming it… there was a pattern appearing here.

So one down three bikers and a car to go, could the Drifter hang on and win this fight?

Turn four and Mrs Mac managed to get behind my gang vehicle by doing a really tight turn and fired everything she had into the rear of my lightly armour car… this was it strike one car… oh wait something has gone wrong the 40mm bounced off again!!!!!! No, no, no I must not laugh, no I must not laugh, I did try not to laugh but damn that was funny, Mrs Mac was not happy with me nor the dice.

But her heavy machineguns did manage to rip a few big holes in my car, it was starting to look a little like Swiss cheese, but my vehicle was still in this battle.

Turn five and I managed to get a lucky shot through the heavy armour on the Drifter’s vehicle and managed to hit the passenger! He was out of the fight until he could bandage that wound.

The driver of the ganger’s car accelerated away and tried to put some distance between him and the Drifter while he had the chance, my car really couldn’t take many more hits from those heavy machineguns… but the driver did put a few shots into the rear of the Drifter’s vehicle as a parting gift, but sadly they all bounced off the heavy armour.

My bikers raced around trying to keep safe and firing off a few long-range shots which all bounced off the Drifter’s heavy armour.

One of my bikers hit a set of mines dropped by the Drifter’s vehicle, this probably wasn’t going to go too well for the bike, but somehow it managed to survive, the rider was badly shaken but he still managed to keep control of the bike.

Turn six and a few shots and the passenger in the Drifters vehicle aimed at the ganger’s car and attempted to fire the grenade launcher… click, oh no it had jammed!! He frantically worked on unjamming the weapon as the driver headed around an old destroyed vehicle.

Turn seven time was running out for the Drifter so Mrs Mac drove the vehicle around the wrecked car and headed towards the ganger’s car one last time and fired off the heavy machineguns and finally managed to stop the vehicle putting several holes in the engine compartment, seeing this the three remaining bikers decided that there was somewhere else they should be and raced off down the road.

Oh man I don’t believe it I lost again, Mrs Mac had some awful luck with the dice during that game but somehow still managed to win… But to be fair she played well and deserved the win.

My driving was terrible I couldn’t make any of my Panic Brake Tests which really made it hard to get my bikes into any good shooting positions during the fight, but to be fair I don’t think it really would have made much difference at all to the outcome.

A great fun battle with lots of laughs and some great exciting moments, it was really close by the last turn, I had got the Drifter’s vehicle down to two remaining points… I will win next time!

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac!

    Getting beat up at LD beats being strangled, I’d be willing to bet!
    That looks like it was a really fun & funny game.

    My mate Peters like Mrs. Mac – no matter how bad things seem to be going he always manages THAT lucky roll/critical hit/max damage just when he needs it!

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      The strangling may still happen!!! 😉

      It was a fun game, and some great exciting moments, mainly due to my bad dice rolling when my gang was firing, and I also had trouble getting through the tough armour on the Drifter’s vehicle.

      It was actually really close at the end on the last turn it could have gone either way and of course I failed every morale check on the bikers so they all decided to get away, if they had stayed they had the rest of the turn to just get two points of damage on the Drifter’s vehicle to have made it a win for the gang ( and me )

      Next time I will beat her… maybe 🙁


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