3D Printed Star Wars Ships

Well as I am now playtesting a small add-on for Stars & Lasers which will allow people to use their for Star Wars ships in their games I thought that I might as well use some Star Wars ships!

As I do not have any of the Armada ships I thought that I might as well see what files I could find for my 3D printer on the interweb.

Well I did find a few that I could use, but for now I have just printed out three small Rebel ships and a big Imperial ship.

First off is the Hammerhead Corvette.

Next is the CR90 Corvette A.

And then the Nebulon C Frigate.

And then last but certainly not least, the big chunky Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer.

Note: I have to say now that my knowledge of the names of Star Wars ships is very limited, I recognise them from the films etc. but I have had to look on the internet to get the names for these ships so forgive my lack of knowledge if I have got any of these wrong, one of the original STL files I found was named incorrectly so I have had to check each name on the file compared to pictures of the ships I found on the internet.

As for the prints themselves they all look a little rough as I am still having a little trouble getting the settings right on my printer, it is still leaving quite heavy lines on the models and a few stray strands of the filament here and there on them as well ( I need to look on the internet to find out why that is happening )

I don’t have too much of a problem with this but they certainly wouldn’t win any awards for their quality, but now they are painted I think they don’t look too bad, definitely good enough for my gaming table.

First I had to mount them on the stands for the playtesting, the base sizes are fairly close to the proper stand sizes, fixed to this is a plastic flight stand and thick wire has been used for the pin.

Once this was done I did try and clean the models up a little more, removing some of the remaining support material and some of the stray strands of filament ( yeah I know there is still some left… ok lots left, but you only see this when you look closely at the models!! ( at arms length or gaming / table top distance they look fine )

Once this was done I primed all the ships with Vallejo black primer.

The Rebel ships then had a base coat of Game Color Bone White and the Star Destroyer got a coat of Model Color Neutral Grey, both of these were done so that it left some of the black showing in the recesses in and around some of the details, this gave shadows and hopefully adds a little depth the the models.

Then the Rebel ships had a light dry brush of Game Color Dead White and the Imperial ship had a dry brush of Army Painter Uniform Grey.

Then the Star Destroyer got an extra dry brush using Game Color Wolf Grey, this was to try and pick out the edges of the panels, this actually is more noticeable when you are holding the ship.

That finished off the main bodies of the ships for the main colours, now all I needed to do was put some detail / colours on the ships, this would only be on the Rebel ships as I didn’t see much else I could do the the Star Destroyer.

So first off I did some yellow areas on the Hammerhead, this was copied from a picture I found on the internet, well as close as I could manage, I used Game Color Sun Yellow for this detail.

I then put some Army Painter Pure Red details on the CR90 Corvette, again this was copied from a picture i found online.

Then finally I used some of the Pure Red on the Nebulon C Frigate, marking out a few lines only this time not done from a picture, I just did some lines which I hoped would look ok!!!

Oh and as I re-printed the Star Destroyer I now have two, although the other one is not great as it has some really bad ridges on its hull which do not look good at all, but having said that I will use it if I want to see how two of these big ships play.

I have just found some more files that I can use including a MC80 Home One Cruiser which will at least give the Rebels a slightly bigger ship to fight against the big Star Cruiser.

Well now that these ships are finished I am hoping to get a lot of playtesting in over the next week or two.

If you want to find out a little more about the Star Wars add-on or even the Stars & Lasers rules come on over to the Little Wargaming Worlds Discord Server to chat about your games of Stars & Lasers or any of my other games, the link is on the Community tab on this site.

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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Nice job mate you will find that most star wars 3D files will be misspelt I think its to avoid
    cease & desist letters.

    I found some nice 15mm “klone wars” miniature’s on etsy for a future xenos rampant game only problem is those blood “Jedoi’s” the worst part of the “space wars” franchise
    I’ve seen some lovely 28mm “Space Treck” miniature’s which I might get first

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,
      Thanks mate, they are not great “in the flesh” but like most of my stuff they look ok at arms length!

      I get what you mean about the naming but this was spelt wrong it was the wrong ship, it was supposed to be the “Home One” cruiser but was some tiny weird odd thing which I am guessing was some of Rebel light cruiser, I will have a dig around on the internet to find out what it is and maybe print it anyway.

      I have seen a few companies doing Star Wars figures and also Star Trek figures but I don’t need another project… no really I don’t 🙁

      Once I get this add-on done I will start on the Trek version!! I have loads of ships for that 😉


        • Mac

          Hi Zac,

          Yes that is one of the sites I have been looking at, but there are a few so what I can’t find on one I can normally find it on another, also it is a good way of checking details if you look at several sites.

          The name was wrong on a 3D printer file that I downloaded, it was supposed to be Home One but was some weird light cruiser misshaped blobby thing!!
          So now I use sites like the one you linked to so that I can check names or at least see what the ships should look like.

          And I liked Ja Ja Binks!!!! 😉


  2. Zac

    I was wondering whether it was the ship in the link
    Slave 1 , home 1!
    Guess not!
    If you post a pic I may be able to identify it.

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      Ok thanks for that, I will probably print it out at some point so that I can add it to my small collection of Star Wars ships, it will at least give me another option for a battle.


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