The new Little Wargaming Worlds App.

The New Little Wargaming Worlds App is now available for download on both app stores, the app is in the testing stages.

Both versions are complete so you can build your force lists for Stars & Lasers!! Blood Sweat & Iron and of course the Last Drifters.

The app contains all the available weapons, armour and upgrades for all three game systems, so you can build a complete list for each game.

And once your force list is built you can play using the app rather than using datasheets and pens, the play side of the app allows you to take note of all the details you would be able to write on the datasheets, but everything is done within the app simply and quickly.

Over on the Little Wargaming Worlds Discord Server we have the bug report section and also a suggestions section, you will also be able to see any announcement’s about the app including future changes and any bug reports, , so come over and get involved.

The link to the Discord server is at the top of the page under the Community tab.

The Android version here –

The iOS version here –

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