The Last Drifters flag race!!

Well this Monday at the club I was going to put some spaceships on the table for a Stars & Lasers game, but I had a couple of people looking to join in a game so I switched over to the Last Drifters which is a little easier to run as a party game.

So what to do… I thought that it would be a good time to play test a new scenario / race game for the Last Drifters, this time instead of a straight race around a track there would be “flags” to collect on the table, so no track, no laps and no start or finish, just complete chaos!! 🤣

The idea was to collect all the flags as fast as possible while shooting other players vehicles and not getting shot yourself!

So after placing a scattering of scenery I placed five flags, two at each end of the table and one in the middle.

Note: the flags for this game were the only things I could find that I could use as flags, these are the mines from Stars & Lasers!

They were numbered 1 to 5 so that we could keep track of which flags we had collected during the game and could tell who was winning ( so who was the target!! ) and also of course to show when one of us had won.

All very simple idea, hopefully it would be a lot of fun.

I had played this solo a few times and it seemed to work ok and was fun, but real opponents will always find faults in a game or scenario so I wasn’t 100% sure if it would work, but that is what playtesting is for.

So we quickly pointed up a few cars for the game and we were soon ready to try it, we used 725 points for our vehicles as normal.

We had a couple of cars that went with very similar weapons load outs and medium armour all round and a couple went with a slightly mixed load out, heavier weapons and lighter armour.

So would the heavy weapons win over the vehicles with the more basic load outs? would the Nitrox carrying vehicles make use of those speed boosts? Would it boil down to how good their driving was?

Well over the evening we managed to get in two games, both were lots of fun and had some great nail-biting moments.

The way the scenery was laid out meant that the vehicles either had to cut across the centre of the table to get to all the flags or they had to travel around the safer although longer outer routes.

In the end both games were very very close, the first had all the drivers on four flags collected and just wanting the one more flag to win.

And the second game saw three drivers on four flags and the other two on three flags each, although in this game my vehicle was destroyed, I did manage to collect two flags while driving around with just one point of damage left!!

Somehow my vehicle was the only one destroyed all evening 😕

Infamy Infamy, they all have it in for me!!

And somehow my Mrs won both games! Yep we will not talk about that any more, lets move on… nothing to see here…

Yeah I am not sure how that happened, and twice!

Seriously she did great, managing to get to the last flag ahead of the rest of us, well done 👏

So here are just a few shots from the games, I got so caught up in the games that I didn’t manage to take many pictures of the action, I do always intend on taking notes during the games and to take pictures throughout as well, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

A close up of flag number one ( space mine! )
One of the drivers cutting through the middle of the table picking up flag four on the way.
That yellow car was back on the track 🤬
My plan was to use a yellow car as well… perhaps my plan never worked because my car was dirty and rusty!
My car trying to get to flag number one before the blue car.
A drive-by shooting!!!
Well that’s me out of the race 😢

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac!

    What you need is a field of fast moving asteroids … ah … I can see a problem with that. Hmmm … fast moving AT mines instead might do it … or just 1 or 2 mines buried in inconvenient places & awaiting the arrival of happy drifters … 😉

    It did look a lot of fun though.

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      Yeah it is basically the asteroid scenario “Rock Hopper Rally” from S&L just without the asteroids!! 🙂

      An odd hidden mine or two could be fun but would have to be controlled by someone running the game so that it can actually be hidden.


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