1. John McManis

    How many pages are in Stars and Lasers? Is there a section for constructing my own ships?

    Thank you,

    • Mac

      Hi John,

      There are 49 pages in the rules, but lots of those are for ships, advanced rules and scenarios, and at the moment there is not a section for constructing your own ships…. but there are sheets for 5 space stations, 12 ships, plus alien bio ships.
      In the supplement there are 7 more ships plus another space station, and I am almost finished writing the “pirate” supplement which has several more ships, so plenty to work with to start with.
      But I am also putting together complete fleets of ships with different weapon fits which I will put up on this site as free downloads… I am also working on another alien race!

      The ability to put together your own ships is something I have been thinking about, but it is just not going to happen just yet.


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