Some bikers ready for The Last Drifters.

I managed to get some paint on a few of my bikes tonight in spite of the heat in my room, my painting lamp didn’t help me much as that was cooking my paint as it going on to the models!!

But what was good was the paint was drying very fast so I could get lots done really quickly, almost no waiting in between the different coats of paint.

Even the washes were drying within a few minutes!!

So the first three I painted were the three trikes, these painted up ok, I have realised that I do need to add a little more stowage to give these bikes a few differences as all three are the same and that looks a little odd.

I will have a look through my bits box and all the 3D files I have to see what stowage I can find, I do have some stuff at 20mm although I can re-size any that I have that is 28mm, that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

I also noticed that one of the handle bars is missing from one of the bikes as well, hadn’t noticed when I primed them, this will be an easy fix though just by adding a small off cut of plastic, once painted no one will notice it.

The three trikes were painted in blue, red and green, I wasn’t going to do any thing fancy on these bikes and frankly I don’t think they need it, they have a good well used finish to them.

Next, I did two normal bikes with a nice selection of stowage making them look really good, although this stowage is the same on both bikes I have mixed up the colours a little and I think they look ok.

I also don’t think there is much room left on the bikes where I could add anymore!

I painted one of these bikes green and the other one half and half red and green, again nothing to complicated.

Next is a nice racer, this time I painted it in a bright purple, but with the highlighting it looks almost pink which is fine as I did want this bike to look brighter than the rest.

It has no stowage at all on the bike which suits the idea of a racer, this fits in with a game idea I had and which has been included in the new supplement.

And last but not least is the new motorbike and sidecar, rules for these will also be in the new supplement when it is released, this is just the normal bike with all the stowage on with a sidecar added.

The passenger in this model is firing a machinegun which is perfect as the sidecars will be able to carry some of the heavier weapons available giving the normal bikes some much needed heavy weapon support.

This was given a simple blue colour scheme to match the rest of the bikes.

So I now have seven painted bikes, one racer and six that could be used as a biker gang or in ones and twos as Drifters maybe riding as escorts of a supply convoy or maybe one lone biker riding between settlements taking goods or even mail back and forth… these will give me a few options for new scenarios in the future.

All the bases for these bikes were done the same way, I first added a sprinkling of sand using PVA glue, once this was dry it was primed, then I coated this with a Dark Sand colour then added a dark wash, once this was dry, I dry brushed them all with a light buff colour which picked out all the fine detail of the sand.

The painting of these bikes was real quick and not that great, but they will be fine for my games, they look good when viewed at arms length!!

I still have the five plastic bikes from the old Dark Future game, the detail of these were fine when they were released but compared to what is around today they are not great, I hope to add one or two small bits of detail to them before I paint them, just to try and make them look a little better than they do now.

I may paint up one or two as they are and use them as racers, but if they don’t look good, I will add stowage and paint them up as normal gang or maybe even Corporation Security bikes, although I am hoping they will look good as racing bikes.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,
    These bikes n strikes do look good. I especially like the ‘pink’ racer – if it had a rider in grey & a pillion passenger with blond hair (with an Uzi) it could be Parker & Penelope!

    I found my acrylic paints of yesteryear dried too fast in hot weather, & the cellulose varnish (from the same range) discoloured – it got a yellow tint & thickened into ‘treacle’ very quickly if the weather was warm & humid.
    It’s been a while since I engaged in any serious painting projects – too long in fact … I think I’ve rusted!

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      Thanks, I was pleased with the way they turned out.

      I also like the pink one, more than I thought I would 😉

      The paint seemed to be ok in the heat, they just dried quicker than normal, also I use an acrylic matt varnish so again that didn’t seem to have any problems.
      The only thing I noticed was that I did have to thin the paints a couple of times as they did start to dry a little on the pallet.

      Couldn’t be bothered to get my wet palette out… although in the heat it probably would have been better.


  2. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Nice job although the pink racer is my least favorite!
    I’ve been looking on etsy and their’s some great stuff out their!
    Lots of cool bikes but whats really nice is the 20mm post Apocalypse pedestrians some cool factions out their maybe some rules involving pedestrians are in order?
    It would make your rules stand out from gaslands and open up scenario’s and campaign based gameing
    Eg saving an experienced driver from a wrecked car or circle the rv’s while Savage bikers give the settlers jip till the authorities come at the last minute to save the day!
    Or not!

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      Thanks, glad you like them… well maybe not the pink one! 😉

      You are correct there is a ton of great stuff out there for vehicles and equipment and drivers and passenger, not really noticed pedestrians though, I will have to search some out.

      I do have a one single “pedestrian” already in the new supplement for the rules so it would be very easy to bring more pedestrians into the rules.
      But as this is primarily a vehicle based rule set the people would be very very basic.

      The one in the supplement is a sniper who is positioned on the table and shoots at vehicles in the race, think Star Wars Tusken Raiders shooting at pod racers.

      The sniper is just a little bit of fun but I can see that adding people not in vehicles would add a lots of options for scenarios.


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