Race Day at Summer Falls, the Last Drifters game.

Summer Fall settlement is holding its monthly race day where all the locals, drifters and even gangs get a chance to race around the settlements small dusty track with a chance of winning prizes.

Each race has an entrance fee which is either food or supplies including ammo and weapons, these items are what the settlements leaders take the prizes from, the rest of the items go into the settlements supplies to keep for the residents to use.

There are always plenty of side bets on the races by the crowd that has gathered to watch, which helps to get in more supplies as the settlement controls all the betting at their race track as well.

The race that is about to start on the track is between four drivers from in and around the local area, we have three drifters, Sand Man, Ace, Spike and a member of a local gang Wipeout.

Like most of the races at the Summer Fall settlement race day it is a short quick race of just two laps, on most race days the settlement will hold close to twenty of these races maximizing the supplies they get in.

All the cars in the race are really basic, with just two linked autoguns on the front and a HMG mounted on the roof, each car has a passenger and two passive weapons systems, first is an oil layer and the second was rolled randomly.

Set up sees Sand Man get the inside of the track hoping to take advantage of this position, with Ace and Spike and Wipeout taking up the rest of the track positions.

Turn one sees Sand Man straight away hitting his Nitrous and pulling away from the other drivers, trying to hold that inside position.

As Wipeout pulls along side Spike’s car, Spike’s passenger leans out and fires his shotgun at point blank range, but the shot bounces harmlessly off Wipeout’s car.

Ace accelerates alongside the other two vehicles but he ignores them and fires his autoguns into the rear of Sand Man’s vehicle.

Turn two and Spike continues to accelerate and moves down the straight, Ace accelerates and moves in behind Sand Man where he and his passenger open up with everything they have and see bits flying from the rear of Sanfd Mans vehicle as they pile on the damage.

Wipeout moves along side Spike again and the passenger fires his shotgun into side of Spike’s car and does some light damage.

Turn three and Ace takes some damage to his tyres from the wreckage on the track but manages to keep control of his car as he tries to move past Sand Man, Sand Man tries to ignore Ace and accelerates into the first corner dropping more oil as he goes.

Spike decides to hit the Nitrous now and powers towards the corner, he may have timed that wrong as he is not in a good position for that turn.

Wipeout makes his move towards the first bend and fires his HMG into the rear of Spike and is pleased to see that his did some damage.

Turn four and somehow Spike made it round the corner first and uses his last canister of Nitrous as he straightens up and tries to push his lead slightly.

Ace moves through on the inside of Wipeout and gets in behind Sand Man managing to do some more damage to Sand Man’s vehicle and Ace’s passenger sees this as a great opotunity to try and put Sand Man out of this race and fires his HMG at almost point blank range causing even more damage, but not enough to take Sand Man out.

Somehow Sand Man keeps his cool and manages to control his badly damaged vehicle to get back in the lead just ahead of Spike.

And just as the vehicles got close Sand Mans passenger fires his shotgun hitting spike’s car doing some minor damage.

Turn five and Sand Man puts his foot down on the accelerator trying to get as much speed as he can from his vehicle and powers towards the corner, Spike sees Sand Man pull away and uses some Nitrous and pulls back behind Sand Man.

Wipeout manages to get around the bend and then uses a burst of Nitrous to try and keep in this race, we now see that Ace is a long way back in last place, with the damage he has taken on his tyres it is now very hard to keep control of his vehicle, but he does need to do something soon or the race will be over for him.

Turn six and Wipeout powers down the straight and shoots with his autoguns and Sand Man’s vehicle is finally taken out of the race, Spike drove around Sand Man’s wrecked vehicle and headed into the bend dropping some oil as he went.

Ace decided that he had to try and get back in this race so uses some of his Nitrous and powers down the straight closing the gap between him and the other drivers.

Turn seven Wipeout moves around the wrecked vehicle as well and tries to make a move around the outside of Spike but can’t quite make it, so he decides to drop some mines behind him on the track to try and make it as hard as possible for Ace to get around the bend.

Ace moves in behind Spike and fires his autoguns doing some damage to the rear of his car, then Ace’s passenger squeezes off a few rounds from his HMG and is pleased to see the shots go through the side of the car, but then the gun jams!

Spike moves around the bend dropping smoke behind him to try and stop any one shooting at him.

Turn eight Ace has to drive through more oil but this time manages to get through it ok, and gets around the bend and to the start of the straight.

Spike just accelerates down the straight trying to keep ahead of the others and he drops some more smoke hoping to stop any shots getting to him.

Turn nine Ace’s passenger manages to un-jam his HMG.

Spike continues to drive down the straight trying to keep the small gap he has in front of the other two cars, Wipeout moves onto the straight and fires his autoguns at long range at Spike’s car but only manages some light damage.

Ace decides to use the last of his Nitrous and powers down the straight towards Spike and Ace’s passenger fires his HMG into the rear of spike’s car doing lots of damage.

Turn ten and wipeout moves in behind spike and fires off his autoguns doing some light damage, things are not looking good for Spike as his vehicle has taken a lot of damage so far in this race, can he somehow manage to get to the finish line without taking any more damage…

Spike takes his car around the bend at full speed and somehow manages to get around without losing control, some great driving there by Spike, his passenger was saying a quiet prayer and was holding on tightly.

Wipeout gets around the bend without much effort and takes Spike out of the race with several hits from his autoguns.

Ace takes his time and gets almost through the bend picking his way around the oil and the wreckage.

Turn eleven and Ace sees a chance and drives into the rear of Wipeout’s car hoping he can cause him some problems, that really was Ace’s last chance of making any impact on the outcome of this race… Wipeout ignores Ace’s attempt to stop him and powers off down the straight using his last Nitrous boost gaining a huge lead on Ace, Wipeout has just the last bend to take to win the race, I don’t see Ace being able to stop him now.

Turn twelve and Ace makes his final move on Wipeout and accelerates down the straight and fires off his autoguns hoping form some long range hits… and they jam!! Ace’s passenger fires his HMG in a last desperate hope of stopping Wipeout, but all of his shots miss.

Wipeout takes his time and cruises around the final bend and takes the win.

Wow that was fun!

Lots of fun and exciting things happened during that race, Sand Man made a good effort to get out in front early on but the risks of doing that can often be too great, as it was in this race, he was target practice for all the cars behind him.

Then Spike made a move in front but his car had already taken a lot of hits so just didn’t make it for long as leader.

But what can I say about Wipeout, he drove almost perfectly, making his move to the front at just the right moment when Ace just couldn’t close the gap.

Ace, well his car was suffering with bad handling because of all the oil it kept hitting, the handling of the car was so bad that it kept his speed down on the corners which is not the way you want to drive in a race.

Well at least it will not take him long to repair his vehicle ( other than his tyres ) as he only took a little light damage during the race.

Oh well a deserved win for Wipeout and his passenger.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    Great bat rep & good looking game too. Being in the lead can be a blessing (clear road, no distractions ahead … ) but it can also be a curse – in the lead, you’re the one everybody else is trying to pull down! Perhaps what Sandman needed was more smoke, something to break LOS long enough for him to get clean away …

    Once it’s my works shutdown I’ll be getting Last Drifters printed (I’m assuming my local print shops open here!) & some Dinkys for conversion – I have enough bits in the box to create some gun heavy cars, I think.
    Now … where did i put that 15mm scale 17.2 cm L55 gun and mantlet … 😉


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      Thanks it was a fun game.

      Yes smoke can be handy when you have cars behind you shooting, but I rolled randomly for the passive weapons on the vehicles and only one vehicle got smoke and that wasn’t Sand Man, playing solo I find it fairer to roll for weapons so that I don’t just give the better weapons to a particular vehicle.
      I do need to find a better way to pick the weapons for the vehicles when I play solo…

      I do how you enjoy the game once you get to play it and converting the vehicles is also great fun.


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