1. Vic

    Ooops! Which company made the Pz IV model?
    The muzzle brake is for the later Model H variant with the L48 gun, but the hull is for the early Model D/F1/F2 variants that had the L24 or L43 gun – on the PzIV with the L48 the tanks front superstructure was a continuous piece of armour with a ball mounted MG on the right side, rather than the earlier stepped armour.
    I know, Nit picking =) … but they do look good, especially the Sherman. Used in small groups the games must look impressive – I mainly played at 20mm when I played WW2.

    • Mac

      The tank was part of a small lot of second hand bits I got a while back, it is a nice resin model, but I don’t know the manufacturer sorry.
      I did get a turret with a short barrel L24 as well, which is better suited for this early tank, but I needed it to pretend to be a late war Pz IV for a demo game I was putting on.
      I do have a Pz III but that is still in its box, and on the list of things I need to do…

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