Little Wargaming Worlds App & Rule-sets

Download the Little Wargaming Worlds App

The Little Wargaming Worlds app is a list builder for each of the Little Wargaming Worlds rule-sets.

The app allows you to build lists quickly, and calculates the points spent on each unit, and it's upgrades.

The app can also be used to track things like speed, shields, and damage etc. on each unit during a game without needing to use the printed datasheets and pens.

Blood Sweat & Iron

Blood Sweat & Iron is a simple fast play American Civil War river battle game. You can build a force for either the Union or the Confederacy, and fight exciting battles against friends using this simple rule system. You could try and refight the river battles from the era, or you could just pick a force to fight fictitious battles with your friends.

The Last Drifters

The Last Drifters is a fast play post-apocalyptic vehicle combat game. With three game modes you can play either a skirmish battle between two factions/gangs, or party up with friends and family and play a race game, or go for all out mayhem in a destruction derby. Take control of vehicles you'd expect to find in a post-apocalyptic world from fast motorbikes to heavy battle trucks, and fit them out with a number of vehicle upgrades including armour, and weapons.

Stars & Lasers!!

Stars & Lasers!! is a simple space combat game. Pick your forces and take them into battle against friends and family to see who will be the victor. You can control small forces containing just a couple of ships which could be a small convoy being attacked by pirates, a large force and attack a deadly alien fleet, or even take some ships to protect a faraway space-station from attack by an enemy fleet. You could even pick an alien fleet and rampage through the Colonies expanding your empire.