Zeta Colony Fleet Pack finished

I have finally finished all the STL files for the Zeta Colony fleet and it is now up on Wargames Vault.

The fleet pack contains the files for nine ships all of which have been designed to fit in with the fighting style of the Zeta Colonists.

The Colonists preferred way of fighting is one in which they mainly use their ships head on, they don’t worry about any tactics like flanking the enemy fleet or getting around its rear or any such manoeuvres, they just fly in formation holding a parallel line with each ship protecting the ship at its side and head straight for the enemy ships, always trying to keep them in their front firing arcs as this is where the majority of their weapons have been positioned.

The pack includes –




Light Cruiser

Heavy Cruiser


Fighter Carrier



I am painting up my Zeta Colony fleet at the moment and will get some pictures up on here as soon as they are done.

I will be designing more colony fleets over the next few months, including the Epsilon Colony ships and the Centaurus Colony ships, both very different from the Zeta Colony ships.

Pop over to the Little Wargaming Worlds Discord server and chat about these designs or even show us some of your own ships that you use in your games of Stars & Lasers.

The link for the Discord server is on the Community Tab at the top of this site.

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