Two free scenarios for Stars & Lasers, including one for solo play!

This newest release sees the ninth set of scenarios for Stars & Lasers and like all the others they were great fun to write and also great fun to play, especially the solo one.

This time there are two very different scenarios the first one is designed for the solo player and is a search and destroy type mission, you are in control of a small force of ships that have been sent into a distant sector to investigate some strange sensor readings… what will you find?

The second one sees a small pirate force heading for the safety of a nearby asteroid field when they fly into a trap, but the pirates have a surprise in store for the attackers, will they survive and get to safety? Or will the policing force win the day?

You can download these from Wargames Vault by using the following link ––Lasers-No9

Or from the links on this site.

As always, these scenarios have been written for Stars & Lasers, but they should work in other games systems with a little adjustment.

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