Those supplies are mine!

Four of us played a game of The Last Drifters at the club last night and this time we decided not to have a race or a destruction derby, this time it would be two gangs fighting over a load of supplies on a truck.

So we had two people per side and each of us had two cars each, just a simple basic set up for the cars, each vehicle had a basic load out of weapons, HMG’s, LMG’s, auto-guns, smoke layers, etc. and light armour.

On my side I had “Ace” and “Wipe Out”, my team mate had “Lucky” and “Reaper”

We were facing “Hell on Wheels” and “Yellow” with “Boss Man” and “Blade”

We set up a basic table with some trees and a couple of ruined buildings with a truck in the centre on a road carrying the supplies.

The first turn saw both sides race towards each other firing everything they had, we saw some early damage on a couple of cars but nothing too serious.

The next turn as the gap between the two gangs closed we started to see some heavy damage on a couple of the cars.

We even had one driver think about a head on ram to try and take out an enemy vehicle, but at the last second he thought better of it and slid past the vehicle firing his heavy machine gun at close range ripping big holes in the weak side armour.

I took Ace Straight in amongst Hell on Wheels and Yellow trying to panic them with a head on rush and some well-placed HMG shots, but they kept their cool and split hitting Ace as they went past causing, the passenger in the back of Aces car started to smell fuel… the car took a critical hit and had a fuel leak 😮

I took Wipe Out behind the building to my left and tried to get behind the two cars I was facing.

My team mate was giving chase hitting the fleeing Boss Man a few times in the rear, Boss Man decided that he didn’t like two cars chasing him so he did some fancy driving and slipped though the gap between the truck and the rough ground.

Blade slipped around the tall building over on the right and hit Lucky in the side with several shots, but Lucky fired back before driving away and managed to return a few good shots, then Reaper joined in the fun and hit Blade as well as he drove past.

Lucky and Reaper continued to pursue Boss Man as he squeezed between the truck and the rough ground all the time firing into the rear of his car, Boss Man dropped some smoke but it just didn’t really help.

Boss man then turned back around and managed some fancy driving to join up with Hell on Wheels and Yellow, and started to try and come back around to get behind Lucky and Reaper.

Then we got the first casualty, Lucky took several hits then it was rammed by Yellow which in turn I rammed with Wipe Out, so two cars were out of this fight.

Several more shots hit into Hell on Wheels light armour as it faced off against Reaper.

I rammed Ace into Boss Man taking him out but then Ace was rammed in the side by Hell on Wheels and then a few seconds later Reaper was taken out of the fight.

This meant all that was left was my Wipe Out who was stationary after his ram into Yellow and Blade who was coming around the trees at the bottom of the table, both vehicles were not in great shape.

Seeing Blade coming towards him Wipe Out’s driver slammed the car into reverse desperately trying to get away from Blade who was now firing into Wipe Out’s side armour.

But it was too late, Blade managed to get in a ram to finish me off… but Wipe Out exploded spraying pieces of car back into Blade doing more damage.

But Blade’s vehicle was able to limp away from the wreckage, it was badly damaged but was still mobile, so he could claim the supplies on the truck for his gang.

Oh it was so close!!!!

We were doing so well, I had about half my hit points left on Wipe Out when Blade rammed me, and after the ram Blade only had two hit points left and the critical hit caused an explosion of my car, but this only did one point of damage on Blade so he was able to drive away with just one hit point left… we were robbed!

Well that was so much fun, the guys playing had only ever raced or had played destruction derbies using the rules so this was a new thing for them, but I think they enjoyed the game, I know I did.

The final two turns were complete mayhem as both sides just started ramming each other, and as they all knew from experience ramming does a lot of damage to both vehicles in The Last Drifters especially if the vehicles have not been built for ramming.

But anyone that plays a few turns knows the game was designed to be (I am not going to say realistic) played as if the drivers know how to actually drive and can steer and drive mostly the way they want, no testing by the luck of the dice every time they move just to see if they slide or spin or whatever, they just drive the vehicles and have fun.

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