There is something about a spaceship…

There is something about a spaceship and spaceship battles that has fascinated me for many years, I have loved watching sci-fi films and TV series since a very young age, and now since I have written my own set of rules for spaceship battles I have been collecting and making and painting spaceships…. And while like most wargamers I do tend to collect large amounts of figures and models I now believe that I may have a slight problem!!

Up until a few weeks ago I had what I would have called a reasonable number of ships to use in games of Stars & Lasers including the two alien fleets I made for the new races in the rules, maybe around seventy or eighty ships, that’s still a lot I hear you say, well maybe so.

But now I do think that things have travelled towards the silly end of the road…

Several weeks ago I realised that I didn’t have many big ships, battleships and dreadnoughts were a rare thing in my collection, and prices of the big ships out there tend to be out of my price range, so I thought that I would see what ships I had that could be made to look like bigger ships or at the very least be used as bigger ships.

And well I came up with the ship below, it is based on an ESU Changchun Class Light Carrier, this on its own could have been used as a heavy cruiser or at a push a battlecruiser in my games of Stars & Lasers, but I wanted to see if by adding something to it I could, in the very least, make it look bigger.

So, looking through my odd ships box I found a Rim Pirates Ravager Light Carrier and I thought it would fit on top with just a few adjustments and a little bit of filling, and well I am not displeased with the finished ship, it is big enough to pass as several different ship classes from a heavy fighter carrier all the way up to maybe a small battleship.

Then one night at the club someone says “do you want to buy some spaceships?” and I said “maybe” ( ok, I must now point out for any non-wargamers that may have accidentally stumbled onto this site and for some unknown reason have stayed to read this post, most wargames may say “maybe” but they actually mean is “yes, do you have them with you, give them to me, let me have them now!!”  )

The following week I got to collect a few more spaceships to add to my growing fleets….

I got a nicely painted fleet ( that I can’t place at the moment, I have seen them before and have a couple of old ones that I picked up at a bring & buy a long while ago, but their name escapes me for now ) this fleet is ready to go apart from fixing a couple of bases.

I also got a Sa’Vasku alien bio fleet, the fleet needs putting on flight stands and painting, but not too much work.

Both of these fleets will be ready for games of Stars & Lasers very soon.

But the silliness didn’t stop there, oh no, a real wargamer doesn’t stop there, what he or she does is end up with a large Firestorm Armada Aquan fleet as well, this lovely fleet only needs a small amount of work to finish off and has some nice big ships! ( I already had a small fleet of these ships, they are painted differently so will have to see how they go together on the tabletop )

So, it looks like I may have to write some new rules for a “fish” race in Stars & Lasers!

And the madness didn’t stop there, I also got some big Dindrenzi ships and some Terran ships, and some Ryushi ships, and a few others that I am still unsure of what they are, I now have a dreadnought or two!!

Then I found that I also had a Firestorm Armada Dimensional Gate and a Research Station, and finally some sort of Spacestation, so now I have lots and lots to put together and paint.

And while finding homes for all these on my shelves in my games room I found a box of ships that I got last year, and I had forgotten about, a large fleet of Federal Stats Europa ships, all painted and ready for the table.

Well I think that I may have finally got to the stage where I am never going to need to buy another spaceship ever again…   

…ok maybe one or two more would be nice.

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  1. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac,

    Woohoo! I was right, although I didn’t recognise the hulls! It’s a nice looking ship though – craggy and mean!

    The green ships in the pics are a mix of old school GZG N.S.L. ships and Brigade Models German ONESS ships. The look good, although I’m unsure about the wing conversions on some.
    The FSE look superb – I wish I painted as well as that =(


  2. Mac

    Hi Vic,

    It is a mean looking ship!

    I have had a few people mention the wing conversions on those green ships, the ships are not too bad on the table, odd looking at first but I am getting to like them.

    The FSE fleet was one I got from the daughter of a good freind who passed away a while back, he did all the painting ( and they do look good ) so now that I have dusted them off they will be on the table in some games very soon.


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