The show is over…

Well I have finally recovered from the show at the weekend, and Salute 2018 has gone and can be laid to rest for another year ( although work starts on Salute 2019 now!! )

I can at least feel my feet and legs again and the pain in my back has receded down to a bearable level…

Below are just a couple of snaps from the show, I was to busy to take many.

14,000 square metres of hall space waiting to be filled with loads wargaming goodies!!

Another show passes and I am only now really seeing it as I sort through over 1800 photos taken for the club over the two days, I have now sorted through them and put the best ones into two short videos which will hopefully go up on the club site at some point.

Looking through them I noticed that we had some really good looking games this year, I especially liked the Zombie Salute game!! That really was excellent.

And of course, we had a tank this year!! Ok not a real tank but close enough for me, I couldn’t look at it without seeing a Leman Russ battle tank, I also wanted to ask if it could change into Bulldog the transformer, but I resisted.

Because of all the show stuff I have not had a chance to do much work on the Stars & Lasers supplement, but Monday night at the club I had a chance to try out another scenario, it involves a very large space station trying to survive an attack by a large force, I lost both games but it was still good fun, I had to make a couple of adjustments before it felt right.

I still have one or two more to playtest before they are finished, but now the madness of this year’s Salute is over, I will be able to set aside more time on the rules… I hope.

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