The Last Drifters Salute 51 progress report 1#

I have been busy working on The Last Drifters Salute 51 game board and vehicles over the last week and a bit, I have managed to get a lot more done then in the previous week which is good, but I still have a long way to go.

So here is what I have done so far…

The XPS foam has been stuck down on the thin MDF board, once this is dry I will cut the excess off so the foam fits the boards exactly, I wanted to get a proper foam cutter for this but could not see one within my price range so this will have to be done with a very sharp knife!

The next step for the track will be to mark out the figure eight circuit and start modelling the surface of the game board, lots of sand and dry grass is going to be needed for this which is not an issue as I have some pieces of my door mat left and sand is easy to get if I don’t have enough in the pot.

I have got my 3D printer working on producing some of the bits I will need for the track, things like the Jersey Barriers along with a couple of barricade sections and tyres etc, once I have enough of these I will start to scratch build the rest of the poster boards that will go around the track, these should be fun to do.

I have also sorted out some old vehicles that I can use as wrecks for around the track as well if needed.

Not sure what else I might need for the track and board yet but hopefully anything needed will be either simple to make or 3D print.

Well onto the vehicles, I have now just about finished customizing the five vehicles for the game, all of them have had lots of bits and pieces added to their bodies covering panels and windows, hopefully making them look the part for the Destruction Derby.

I have some really small chain which I may still add if I get time before I paint them.

All of the additions on the vehicles are either made from thin cardboard or plastic sheet, as well as small pieces of copper wire and thin mesh and of course some of the 3D printed bits.

The data-cards have been designed for these showing all their weapons and armour and their damage tracks, we will be using a larger version of the Pick-Up data-card done especially for this game.

Next on the to-do (build) list are oil tokens and smoke tokens, these will be scratch built rather than just the normal card printed versions, it is something that I have wanted to do for a while and this game is a good excuse to get them done.

And the painting of the vehicles, these will be done in five different colours so that the players will be able to pick out which is their vehicle on the track, if I can find some number decals I may even add them as well.

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