The Last Drifters, race night…

I had planned to put on a teaching game of the Last Drifters at the club the other night, but one person never turned up and another decided to play another game, oh well these things happen, but not all was lost there was still one other player and he had played before so not so much of a teaching game!

We decided to play the game I had planned anyway and just run with a one random car each… I did six random cars and rolled a dice each to see which we would play with. 

Both cars were very similar with medium armour on the front and light on the sides, a turreted heavy machine gun on the roof and twin linked autoguns on the front. 

Oil and smoke passives on mine two lots of oil on my friends. 

Both cars had nitrox oxide burners and each had a passenger. 

I did say it was to be a teaching game so I wanted the cars to be all similar so that no vehicle or player would have any advantage.

I picked Spider ( the one on the inside of the track in this picture ) for my driver and my friend went with Blade, so it was two old racetrack rivals.

I also went for a basic oval track trying to keep everything simple for the game.

The first game was a really close race for the first lap with both cars using nitrox to get down the straights as fast as they could, and keeping tight on the corners, but dropping oil everywhere making the turning harder. 

Both cars suffered about the same damage as our dice rolling was very similar in the first race, but then I got a little bit of luck and Spider managed to pull away from Blade on the last lap ( I say last lap but I only ever race for two laps as that’s about as long as the cars normally last!! ) I got spider right up to the final turn ready to take the first race. 

And seeing victory within my grasp I was a little excited… was this going to be a victory for me at last 😀

Look I only have to get around that corner to win, it has to be a win for me, it has to be!!!…

Then my friend looks at the track and the smoke and Spider by the last turn and decides on a plan, he puts his foot to the floor and pushes his car to its limits and snakes up behind me and his passenger fires his heavy machinegun into the rear of Spiders badly damaged car!!!…. and manages to get through the armour, destroying any hope of victory! 😭  

And yep that’s the race over and Blade takes the first victory ( my friend didn’t laugh too much! ) 

The second race was not so good in the first lap as my dice rolling decided to go down the normal rubbish path and I couldn’t hit Blades car and if I did I couldn’t penetrate his armour, my shots were just bouncing off.

But his shots were finding their target and managing to get through my armour as if it wasn’t there! I had taken heavy damage before I had made it around the first lap.

I also spent a few turns with all my guns jammed and my passenger trying desperately to get them working again. 

By the time we got around half of the second lap I was down to one point of damage left on my car and I had only damaged my friend’s car once! 

So on the first bend of the second lap blade pulled around first and his passenger waited for me to come around the bend and then fired at close range taking Spider out of the race for a second time! 

So two races and two defeats for Spider, and victory went to Blade, and so did the first round in the settlements bar afterwards! 

I was robbed I tell you! 🤬

It was a great fun night with a couple of great games, there was some really funny moments during the game with me pulling my friends dice out of the bag before mine just when he wanted me to! ( every time!! )

Or in the first game when I only needed to do a couple of points of damage on his car to win and I only needed a 7 to penetrate… 

So I rolled my dice and…

Still it was fun and I can’t wait to play again, I might play just a full battle game with bikes and pickups and vans etc. with my friend next time as he hasn’t played a game like that yet. 

Maybe a few Drifters taking on a gang, or even two gangs fighting over territory or something similar.

Whatever we play I am sure it will be fun, and of course I will put up a report of the game.

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