The Last Drifters – a club night race.

This was going to be a city race again at the club, but stupid me forgot the city track!!!! Yep it was still leaning against the wall in my games room, so I just had to make do with a mat from the club cupboard and the city scenery I had with me.

So this was obviously a really run down part of the city as the roads were totally overgrown and sand was everywhere! Oh well it was still a track and this time it was a figure eight track.

Only three racers for the game tonight so it was going to be fast and fun.

We ended up with a green car, a yellow car and me driving the red car, so I used one of the extra cars as a hazard on one side of the track and a truck as a hazard on the other, these mainly forced the racers to go around them rather simply being able to go straight ( this I hoped would make things just a little harder )

The race started as normal with all three cars accelerating hard going around the first obstacle and into the cross-over towards the far end of the figure eight, the yellow car raced off into a slight early lead with the green car in second and me with the red car in a close third ( or last!! )

I managed a nice Nitrox boost and pushed my way into second going into the far end of the circuit and the point where we could all start firing.

As we came out of that bend I had worked out that the yellow car was the one to beat, it had less armour than our cars and had a turbo giving it a slightly higher top speed and that was making a difference already.

Just around this corner we could all start firing!! and I was in a great position behind the leader.

We all got around the corner and took the safety’s off our weapons, I had the yellow car in my sights when the green car came along side and opened up with its heavy machinegun causing a few points of damage, that wasn’t very sportsman like at all 😒

My passenger turned his gun towards the green car and fired a few rounds into it as I pulled away and chased after the yellow car.

The yellow car streaked off down the track and through the cross-over again and headed for the last turn of the first lap, he was managing to keep a good lead over our two cars, all three cars were taking hits as they poured on the power down the last part of the first lap.

I hit the Nitrox again trying to keep up with the green and yellow cars, but I was again in last place as we came into the bend, but I moved through a gap the green car had left and moved in right behind the yellow car and opened up with everything I had… but couldn’t do enough to stop the car.

Then the yellow cars passenger turned his gun towards me and well…

That was me out of the race! Three critical hits, his heavy gun shredded my car and there was nothing I could do.

The yellow car then powered off starting its second and final lap with the green car chasing.

The yellow car was laying smoke behind it as it went which was frustrating for the green car, they driver and the passenger just couldn’t get any shots in.

As they came up to the penultimate bend the green car was able to see the yellow car and fired off everything it could to try and stop it, and only managed to get in a couple of points of damage.

And again the yellow car roared off using Nitrox to gain even more of a lead as it raced through the cross-over for the last time.

The green car tried again to stop the yellow car with a few more shots into its rear armour and again the yellow car just kept going, at that point the green car pulled over and gave the race to the driver of the yellow car as he knew he was in no position to catch him or stop him.

So victory goes to the yellow car.

Well what can I say, it was great fun as always but the yellow car was very lucky with the dice rolls and the green car and my red car had no luck at all.

The green car missed so many times it was painful, even if half of those shots had actually hit and did damage then the yellow car would have been out of the race by the end of the first lap!! As always, my dice were rubbish and I didn’t do many hits either.

But having said I can’t take any credit away from the driver of the yellow car, he did play really well and continually pushed his car hard into the corners and didn’t really slow down at all, he also played his passive smoke shots almost perfectly only allowing the green car a clear shot once.

And rolling three critical hits in one round of shooting was ridiculous!! Albeit very funny 😊

So congratulation’s to the driver of the yellow car, and commiseration’s to the driver of the green car… and well its back to the driving school for me 😥

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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Nothing wrong with that mat it looks great!
    It would be great to see a skirmish style game set in the city.
    So we have race cars and a race in space I’m look forward to a race of the iorn clads 😉
    “ugly little duckling’s”

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,
      No I guess the mat wasn’t all that bad, I was just annoyed with myself for leaving it at home.

      I have played a couple of times solo with the car battling it out, it was a lot of fun, lots of chances to hide behind buildings!

      Ugly duckling races! sounds like fun 🙂


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