The Last Drifter first supplement, coming soon.

The Last Drifters first supplement is almost ready for release, I have been delaying this slightly as I have been waiting to hear back from Osprey with news about the synopsis, I sent in one for each of my three rule sets… it’s been nearly four months now since I sent them in so I guess I am not going to hear back.

Oh well I will continue to release my rule sets as PDF’s for the foreseeable future.

One of the new vehicle upgrades “spikes”

Any way back to the new supplement, this post is all about the upcoming new first supplement for the Last Drifters game, the new supplement will contain a load of new rules and extras to add to your games.

Things like a couple of additional rules to help control your vehicles as they drive around in your battles or races, and a couple of new manoeuvres that your drivers will be able to do.

The are over thirteen new weapons to buy for your crews or fix to your vehicles, these include some new hot weapons!! Like the Molotov Cocktail, the deadly Flamethrower and Flame-layer.

Also included are over twenty new upgrades including new armours, new engine upgrades, and upgrades to increase your vehicles speed up to new highs!!

The supplement also contains all the rules for two new types of vehicle for you to equip and use in your games, first is the Motorbike and sidecar which will allow your bikers to bring heavy weapons to a fight.

The second is the Monster truck, these beasts of the road are a great asset to any corporation security force or settlements militia, they are a fearful sight on and off the road.

The supplement contains all the rules for these new vehicles and of course their new datacards.

There is also a new exciting scenario where two groups fight over a broken-down truck loaded with supplies.

And there is also four new races styles to play, including Collect the Flags, Ramp it up! ( yep there are now rules for ramps in the Last Drifters ) Team Up! And Biker Bedlam!

And then just to add a little more fun there are some simple rules to add Snipers to your race games.

And at the back of the supplement in the print out section there are some new tokens and of course the new datacards.

Just as a little peek into the new supplement here are a few of the new drawings for the supplement and some photos of the new vehicles, these vehicles ( as well as several others ) were made / converted by a good friend just for this supplement!!

Come on over to my Discord server to chat about your games of the Last Drifters and show us some pictures of your battles or races, or show us some pictures of your vehicles, or just come and chat about the rules.

You will find the link to the server on the community tab at the top of the site.

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