The grand unveiling of Fyndoria.Games!!

Ladies and gentlemen, gather round and brace yourselves for the most electrifying announcement to grace the gaming world in years!

Today, I am thrilled beyond measure to introduce you to the birth of a legendary gaming empire: Fyndoria.Games!

Together, a triumphant trio of masterminds ( I am not sure that describes me correctly! ) has embarked on an audacious quest to redefine the landscape of gaming as we know it, igniting a spark that will set your hearts ablaze with excitement.

Ok that may sound over the top, but all silliness aside I am excited to be involved in this new company, and we do hope to be releasing some great exciting and fun games over the next year or two.

I am pleased to say that the days of my rules sets lurking in the digital shadows are gone!

Oh no, my friends not gone never to be seen again, they are about to burst forth in an awe-inspiring symphony of ink and paper, ready to conquer your shelves and enrapture your senses.

Picture this:  “The Last Drifters,” meticulously re-done with a captivating makeover that will leave you breathless ( hopefully not too breathless!! )

This time it will be released as a hardback copy, a softback copy and of course a new PDF version, lovingly adorned with stunning imagery, meticulously polished to eradicate any of my pesky typos or errors.

I can’t wait to actually see my rules in a printed book…

But wait, there’s more! We won’t be forgetting anyone that has already purchased these rules and we are looking at ways to get a replacement “New” PDF made available to you at no cost, one of the ways we are looking at is for customers to send in a screen shot of their order number / proof of purchase and we will make a link available for you to download the new copy.

We do ask for your patience though while we look into this and hopefully it will be available at the same time as the new books are released.

Hold on tight, for the exhilaration is about to reach unprecedented heights! Ooo er Mrs!!

On the imminent horizon, a tempest of excitement looms: the resounding call of a “Game Found” campaign echoes in the air.

Brace yourselves, for “Crystalline Wars” is on the verge of unleashing its majestic power upon the world!

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Fyndoria, the world of Eldronia was once embroiled in the tumultuous Crystalline Wars, a devastating conflict that spanned centuries.

Factions of powerful wizards fought tooth and nail for control over the most potent fused elemental crystals, which they believed held the key to ultimate power over Eldronia.

In Crystalline Wars, you get to step into the shoes of one of these formidable wizards.

The objective of the game is to strategically fuse elemental crystals from your hand to accumulate points.

Each elemental crystal card you fuse must be unique, with no duplicates allowed.

The more cards you combine, the higher the points you earn.

To assist you in your quest, there are special cards that boost your fusions, such as double points and wildcards, as well as cards designed to disrupt or even steal an opponent’s fusion.

But that’s merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The future we envision for Fyndoria Games extends far beyond the confines of our wildest dreams.

While our initial endeavours shall grace the halls of Wargames Vault, we are hoping that we will be able to offer other options to anyone wanting to get our games.

We shall leave no stone unturned, exploring uncharted territories, and embracing innovation at every turn, to deliver these masterpieces in ways that defy imagination ( damn who wrote this stuff!! )

And if that wasn’t enough to tantalize your gaming senses, let me share a secret with you.

I am working on several games at the moment, well at least four!!

Two miniature rule sets and two card games and I am also helping out where I can with other projects that the other company members are working on.

So busy but exciting times ahead.

Our new site is here –

Home – Fyndoria.Games

Check it out and watch for any updates and news on there.

Prepare yourselves for epic miniature rule sets and enthralling card games that will transport you to realms teeming with excitement and wonder, or at the very least take you into the Fyndoria Universe.

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  1. Zac

    Lots of luck on your new endeavor.
    Its always nice to see a new games company giving it some.
    If your thinking of releaseing stars and lasers I have one thing to say and I mean this with all the love in the world.
    Are you ready
    Stars and lasers is a shit name! Their I said it,had to be said… Sorry but it is.
    On a lighter note I’ll be supporting your company where it matters by digging gold outta the back of my head
    and If the horrible shop stock it I’ll buy it their,

    i won’t be ordering it from sed shop as your boss is a twat who took a month to get around to ordering my 2 box’s off ranger hunters meaning i had harass his staff for hiss tardyness.
    And we won’t mention the 8 box order, oh wait I just did! LoL!
    Anyway I got them now and Leisure Games got that gig and will get the free folk army order which will be 20 box’s plus a 2nd starter set.
    So I’m happy
    Any idea when your stuff will be hitting the shelf’s?

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      Thanks mate, it is exciting and also a little scary!!
      It is also a lot of work.

      No!!!! you hate the name, I am gutted that you don’t like the it… 😉
      Stars & Lasers was just a temporary name I thought up until I could find something else, but everything I wanted was already taken or used by someone else, so in the end I went with it, it may be horrible but I love it 😉

      lol not much I can do about it now mate, maybe not the most exciting name but it has been out since 2017 and a lot of people know it.

      Glad you have managed to get hold of the figures for A Song of Ice and Fire, by the sound of it you have gone into it big time.

      The Last Drifters new book should be out within the next few weeks, we are just waiting to get hold of a test print.
      It will be available on Wargames Vault when it is released in Hardback and Softback books and of course as a PDF as well.
      We will hopefully get Stars & Lasers sorted sometime next year as we have a GameFound campaign to sort out this year which will take up most of our time.


  2. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Well you know me! if I’m allowed I get right into things.
    How big will the “The Last Drifters” book be as in dimension’s rather than page count, personally I like the osprey size books I think their rather spiffy compared to the more traditional A4 size.
    And where do you get the artwork from?
    Have you any ideas about advertising?
    Anyway I’ll be buying your products however I’ll draw the line at the ugly duckling game, iorn clad paddle steamer’s just don’t do it for me.

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,
      Yep I know you 😉

      We were limited to set sizes on wargames Vault, I am afraid it will be 8.5 x 11 so basically a small A4 sized book.

      All the artwork is produced from hours and hours and then more hours working with an AI, but it was worth it as we did end up with some lovely images.

      Advertising is something we are now starting, looking at Google Ads and other online stuff, do you have any suggestions?

      Here’s a little insider information…
      I have got some ideas floating around inside my big empty head about my ACW game, watch this space as they say, it should be fun! 😉


  3. Zac

    Hmm advertising is the biggy innit!
    One thing comes to mind
    Leave a little space in the back of the book eg
    An add in the back of the rulebook of crystalline wars for the last drifters and vices versa.
    Their are a lot of board game cafe’s poping up give them a copy or two cristaline wars.
    Send a copie of the last drifters to WI and other suchlike publication’s
    I also think getting copies into shops can’t be overlooked if it means traveling around the country and looking them in the eye and making pitch sale or return comes to mind.
    I had a look at wargames vault, what a mess that place is let’s say I’m looking for a book why do i have to scroll through a load of titles wich could be stl files ,paper terain,paper figures with no way filtering it out, and no way of knowing what it is till your halfway through the description.
    Try reaching out to northstar each company has its own button when I see a new one I click on it.

    Reach out some one man band company’s for advice
    grey for now comes to mind.

    ACW eh mass battles or skirmish? Nice period and easily transformable to Napoleonic’s.

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