Testing, Testing, one two three!!

I have been sitting here over the last few days testing the Little Wargaming Worlds app, the app will allow the user to build force lists for all three of my rule sets when it is finished.

The main screen, from here you can pick which system you want to build a list in.

I have been building hundreds of lists for Stars & Lasers!!, Blood Sweat & Iron and the Last Drifters making sure that everything works correctly and trying to spot any errors in the app.

Every time I put a list together I then went into the play mode of the app and again went through everything to make sure it was correct and there were no bugs.

I have not checked everything yet, that might take me a while as there are hundreds of ships and vehicles and then different types of armour and loads of weapons and then there are the upgrades, times that by three!!!

This may take a while 😒

Light and Dark mode options in the app.

I am finding the list building to be very quick and simple to do and the app keeps a tally of the points cost the whole time which is great.

The Last Drifters two Drifters vehicles picked and renamed, now ready to add all the weapons and upgrades!!
A quick basic force for the Confederates in Blood Sweat & Iron, still a few more ships to add.

It literally takes a minute or two to build a vehicle in the Last Drifters section, simply pick your starting vehicle, give it a name or an ID what ever you wish, then start adding all the stuff like armour, weapons and upgrades, all the things you want to make the vehicle yours.

At this point the list is saved by the app so that you can either edit it again by maybe adding or removing weapons and upgrades or even vehicles or just simply use it in your games anytime you want, or you could save it as a PDF or even print it out on your printer.

So you now that you have your force list and you are ready to play using the playing section of the app, just a couple of quick screen changes and you are ready to go, what this means is that when using the app no printed datasheets or pens are needed to play, you will have all the information you need for your vehicle at your fingertips, everything can be adjusted during the game, all the damage the vehicle takes can be marked off on the screen and you can even show when weapons are jammed or destroyed etc.

And if you are using more than one vehicle in your force then once you have marked the vehicle has been activated you can go back to any vehicles left in your force that have yet to be activated, these can be easily seen in a simple list, tap on any one of them to start the process over again for the next vehicle.

This is the same for all three rule sets, so for picking spaceships in Stars & Lasers to picking ACW Ironclads in Blood Sweat & Iron and to picking your vehicles in the Last drifters each part of the app works quickly and simply.

While in the play mode of the app you will also have access to a simple “Shooting Modifier Calculator” this will help with working out what you need to roll to hit those enemy vehicles when shooting your weapons in the Last Drifters, it covers all the modifiers, there is also a calculator in the Blood Sweat & Iron section as well.

An alien Bio Ship Light Cruiser in play mode.

The app will be available for testing probably within the next week or two providing there are no issues with getting it reviewed and approved on each app store!

If you are interested in testing the app then come over and join the Little Wargaming Worlds Discord server because that’s where news will be announced by the developer.

The link for the Little Wargaming Worlds Discord server can be found in the Community Tab on this site.

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