Stars & Lasers UEF fleet pack.

This fleet pack is for Stars & Lasers and it contains the STL files for eleven ships which have been designed as an industrial bulky fleet, quick and simple for humanity to manufacture.

Stars & Lasers!! UEF Fleet – Mac | Wargame Vault – for the full UEF fleet

Stars & Lasers!! UEF Heavy Cruiser – Mac | Wargame Vault – for a free sample heavy cruiser

Although I have designed these ships for Stars & Lasers they can of course be used for any space battle rule set.

I have now painted up the whole fleet after printing out the ships using these files and I can’t wait to get them on the table for a battle, I printed out several of the smaller ships to bulk out the fleet ready for games and I think I will be printing more of the bigger ships as well as I struggle to put more than one or two light cruisers or heavy cruisers onto the table for a battle.

I will probably add a couple more of the bigger ships as well as it would be good to get a game with three or four battleships!! 😉

I will start to look at some of the ‘special’ ships from my rules as well like the ‘Rhino’ class cruiser for example and I will be releasing any of the odd ones that I do as free files.

I do also have several ships of, lets say, different sizes! these were some of the first ones I printed out and I hadn’t got the size correct so some came out a little too big and some came out a little too small, but they are still usable so they will get some paint on at some point and they will be come odd ships based around a Colony fleet.

The different sizes / shapes / styles can be explained by the slightly different manufacturing process on a colony light years from Earth and its ship building facilities, or something along those lines.

The next thing I have to do is design a fleet to fight against these, not sure yet what to do, maybe an alien fleet or another human fleet… I will get some work in progress shots on here as and when I get something started.

Here is a shot of the full UEF fleet so far, all fully painted now and ready to play.

I have also been working on some cargo ships and freighters and also a civilian liner… here is what I have so far.

At the moment there is only one ship section for the freighters and the three different cargo sections which are printed separately, but I will be trying to design a couple more ship sections to give more choice.

The civilian liner gives me ideas about scenarios where pirates attack the ship and try to rob the rich passengers or even just attacking it trying to add it to their rag-tag fleet.

I will also be trying to add some ‘worker’ ships, things like tenders or tugs or even repair ships.

I have also been doing some initial drawings for a possible space station…. 🤔

Come on over to my Discord server to chat about your ships that you use in Stars & Lasers!! and how you have painted them.

You will find the link to my server on the Community tab at the top of the site.

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