Stars & Lasers STL files reduced in price.

I have reduced the price of my two sets of STL files for the 3D printable UEF fleet and the Merchant fleet, although these ships were initially designed for Stars & Lasers they can of course be used in any spaceship game system.

With the UEF fleet you get files for eleven ships, including a Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Light Cruiser, Fighter Carrier, Fleet Carrier, Heavy Cruiser, Battle Cruiser, Battleship, Dreadnought and the Leviathan.

All these ships are designed to have a very industrial feel to them, they look like they could be made really quickly and simply which is what a ship yard would want to be able to do, loads of boxy sections fixed together to form the basic ships.

Stars & Lasers!! UEF Fleet – Mac | Wargame Vault

These ships look great painted and should work well in any spaceship battle game.

With the Merchant fleet you get files for all of the following ships and cargo containers, a complete Light Freighter, Small Tender, Large Tender, Civilian Liner, Civilian Super Liner, plus the basic freighters, Light Freighter and Heavy Freighter plus all the cargo pods including Light Cargo Tanks, Light Cargo Boxes and the full-size cargo pods including Cargo Containers Tanks 1, Cargo Containers Tanks 2, Cargo Containers Boxes and Cargo Containers Hexes.

Enough cargo pods and freighters to make a large Merchant fleet, plus the civilian ships.

Stars & Lasers!! Merchant Fleet – Mac | Wargame Vault

You can also still get the free UEF Heavy Cruiser which can be downloaded from here –

 Stars & Lasers!! UEF Heavy Cruiser – Mac | Wargame Vault

This is just a sample to see how the ships print out.

These models will see lots of games on my table top, using Stars & Lasers rules, the main fleet paints up really well and I now just need to paint the Merchant ships, watch out for the pictures on this site.

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    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      I still have a way to go before these are done, I am getting them all based at the moment.

      But once that is done I will start to get some paint on them.


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