Stars & Lasers mini campaign…

I have finally finished writing a mini campaign for Stars & Lasers… ok let me correct that, I have finally finished converting a mini campaign over to Stars & Lasers.

The original ideas and scenarios were written for another rules system by Vic Dobson, he kindly gave his permission for me to use his work.

Hopefully I have not ruined the original feel to the scenarios during the conversion over to my rules system, I have tried to keep them as close to the original work as possible.

So, what does “The Pride & The Passion” contain, well you get seven scenarios that are linked and tell the story of a lone Battlecruiser and its crew as they fight their way towards honor and possible death!!

The first scenario of the seven was not actually linked to the final six, but after reading it I just had to put this at the beginning to set the scene for the whole campaign.

“Diplomatic Incident” took me by surprise when I first read it, this was due to its uniqueness, I had never seen anything like this before as a table-top battle, the aim of most battles I have played over the years has been to destroy your opponent’s force to be the winner, well not this time.

This scenario is based on just a great simple idea and something that I had often seen on TV, two ships meeting on the edges of a disputed area of space, both testing the other side without actually going to all-out war… great stuff.

Then the main story starts with a Captain who believes his people should not be at peace with the people that beat them in a war, he is a proud warrior who cannot except this so he takes his crew and his ship and crosses into their territory and hopes to gain honour by doing battle with them.

So how far can you get controlling the lone Battlecruiser, can you reach the final battle, can you survive the final battle!!

Or if you play as the opposing side can you stop this lone ship as it flies through your territory.

Either way I hope you have fun playing this mini campaign.

You can download this mini campaign from the Wargames Vault or from my Free Stuff page on this site ––Lasers–The-Pride–The-Passion

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  1. Vic Dobson

    Hi Mac!

    That’s really cool – and I love the names! And thanks again for the kind words – I enjoy writing for the games I play, and fun shared with others is even greater fun.


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