Stars & Lasers latest project…

I have been lucky enough to get hold of some Star Trek ships ( and some ‘not Star Trek’ ships ) some of these were given to me by a friend and some I have collected over the years, and I thought is was about time I gave them a little love.

I have a fairly large Klingon fleet which has been base coated in green with a highlight quickly dry-brushed on to pick out the details, but they do need a few details adding to finish them off.

There are some great ships in this fleet and I can’t wait to get them on the table and in a game.

I also have a reasonable Federation fleet which needs fixing to flight stands before cleaning up and painting, I am looking forward to getting these ships finished as I have always loved the Federation ships.

Because these ships will be mainly white I will have to get out my airbrush to paint them as white never seems to look good when brushed on, well when I do it it doesn’t 😕

Something which I need to correct is that in all the years that I have been playing games with spaceships I have never ever played with Star Trek ships!! This is something that I find very odd as I have grown up loving Star Trek and all its spaceships.

Well once these ships are finished that will hopefully all change 😊

And finally, I have three Romulan ships that I will paint up as well just to throw another enemy against the Federation.

I think that I may even make some data-cards for Stars & Lasers to allow me to use these ships as Star Trek ships, this is something that I have been thinking about for a long while and getting these ships ready for gaming will give me the push that I need.

I will have to do a little research into Star Trek ships and weapons though if I want to do this, but hopefully that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Well I will post up some progress pictures on here as and when the ships are done and I may even give a few previews of the data-cards and weapons etc. as they are completed.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    Those Irregular Miniatures Fed style ships are pretty good. I modified my carrier by buying an extra Heavy Cruiser saucer section from Irregular and fitting it atop that ball shape at the front of the carriers hull – I did have to file the top of the ball flat, but it went OK & the carrier looks much better (and ‘more’ Fed, as it were).

    Those Romulan Valdore will look great painted – although the Romulan standard colour is green I’d paint them a light’ish grey & then pick out the ‘feather’ pattern on the wings in a contrasting colour like brick red, or perhaps use two alternating complimentary colours like dark grey & blue.

    Green Klingons are very TNG … mine will be gunmetal grey in the ‘traditional’ style of TOS … when I get around to painting them (sigh!) … the lead mountain continues to grow …


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      Yeah I was wondering about the carriers, at first I did think they looked very odd and not very “Fed” but for now I will probably leave them as they are, although I may alter them at a later date.

      I agree those Romulan ships are really nice and I also agree I will have to paint them a different colour than the Klingon’s… the grey sounds good.

      I did go more for TNG Klingon’s that was mainly because I liked the green, really no other reason… that’s sad.

      I am busy drilling them at the moment getting them to fit onto bases before painting, very boring!


  2. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    You have bases? I’m envious… I’m down to the dregs of a large bag of 100 I bought more than a year ago! The supplier had mold issues & black flight stands are in short supply.

    By a bit of judicious re-basing and so forth I’ve managed to get a stockpile of them in case the supplier issues continue for a long time – I buy my spaceships by the fleet!

    I drill out the beading hole in the miniatures to enlarge them, then file the top of the flight stand to fit in the larger socket – I found it makes for a more solid hold than simply gluing the miniature onto the little ‘pin’ on top of the stand
    Big, big ships get pinned …


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      I use a couple of methods of fixing my ships to stands… and gluing to the thin pin on top of the stand is not one of them!! that always gets broken.

      I use the widgets from TTCombat ( the old Hawk Wargames ones ) they work really well, but I am out of them at the moment.

      The other thing I do is just use a piece of wire drilled into the ship and then fixed into the flight stand ( replacing the plastic stem ) this means the ship is fixed and won’t come off the stand but I can live with that.

      I have probably about 20 of the black plastic flight stands left, but when they run out I will be looking at using wire fixed into my own base, as I use square bases for Stars & Lasers I can make my own


  3. trynda1701

    Two questions about the Klingon ships in the top picture?

    1) In the front row, is that the Micromacines “Vor’cha” class next to the Studio Bergstrom interpretation of the FASA K23?

    2) What are those models with the circular ‘AWACS style’ discs in row 2? I’ve never seen those before.

    The other ‘not Trek’ ships from Irregular I recognise.

    Cool fleet.

    • Mac

      Yes that is a Micromachines Vor’cha class ship in the front row and there are a few other Micromachines in my Klingon fleet as they are nice models and are a similar scale to the rest so fit in well.

      What are those models with the circular ‘AWACS style’ discs in row 2?
      I have to be honest, these were a gift from a friend and I can not remember what they are!
      They are kind of crazy looking but for me they will fit in with my “not” Klingon ships.


      • trynda1701

        Yes, with a couple of the Irregular ships having spheres for their command pods, they fit that aesthetic.

        Two other questions that occurred to me…

        1) What scale did you go for with the K23 from Studio Bergsyrom 1/3125 or 1/3788?

        2) What’s that ship in the last three in a triangle at the back of the fleet in the top pic (lowest left in the triangle), next to the two Irregular minis, that looks like a squared off Bird of Prey?

        • Mac

          I have just done a little bit of searching and found out what the big ships with the discs and the sphere command pods are…
          The old Minifigs Icarian Dreadnoughts.

          And the smaller one in the lower left of the triangle of ships is again an old Minifigs Draconarian Battlecruiser.

          You can see them still for sale here –

          I just measured the K23 and by the Bergstom site description the ones I have are the 1:3125 scale ships.


          • trynda1701

            Cool, thanks for that. 🙂

            You should update your TMP thread that lead me here with those mini IDs. 🙂

            I’ve got quite a few of the Irregular minis that I’ve used in many a FASA Trek game. They supplement the official FASA minis nicely.

            You can find pics of them on this thread of Brad Torgersens’ FASA forum, mixed alongside the FASA minis and SFB minis I have, along with a few other ‘cheats’ for Trek minis. 🙂


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