Stars & Lasers free scenarios No.11

I have released the latest set of free Stars & Lasers scenarios, set number 11, these two scenarios have been very kindly written by Vic Dobson, download them and give them a try as they are great fun to play.

The first scenario is “Run through dark places” this is an exciting and very tense scenario, this scenario has a Colony ship searching for survivors in an asteroid field.
But they don’t have long as their enemy has sent in ships to destroy them!
Can you get the surviving crew back to your ship and escape or will you be destroyed? work fast and find those survivors…

I have had great fun playtesting these scenarios, especially the second one “Deep black sea…” the intro grabbed me and once I had read it I just wanted to play the scenario to see if I could survive!!

It works really well as a solo game, but obviously a second player could play as the Mako for a more trickier opponent.

As always these scenarios have been written for Stars & Lasers but with a little bit of adjustment they should be usable in other games systems.

You can find this latest scenario pack plus all the rest over on Wargames Vault, or you can use the link on the free stuff page on this site.

Come over to the new Little Wargaming Worlds Discord Server and tell us about your games of Stars & Lasers!! –

Tell us how you got on with these scenarios ( or any others ) and put up some pictures of your ships and battles.

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    I downloaded this last night – looks great now, neater than my scruffy stuff anyway!
    I’m still working on ‘First Contact’ – I’ve decided to use standard ships & leave the new Life Leech aliens for another scenario – too many new or variant rules for what is meant to be a simple scenario!


    • Mac

      Hi Vic,
      Glad you like the way I set it out, I changed almost nothing from your original writing, just laid it out to fit in with my basic page layout.

      I am getting some bits and pieces together as I really want to make a ship to represent the Mako.

      We can chat about the Life Leech aliens!! 😉


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