Stars & Lasers Fighters…

Just a quick post about Stars & Lasers Fighters and Fighter Bombers, can you have too many?

This was a question I asked myself the other day and well I still don’t know the answer!

I have a scenario, kindly written by a friend and well it needs a lot of fighters so I decided to do something about that…

I have a lot of fighters and fighter bombers sitting in a box so I started sorting out which I could use as fighters and which I could use as bombers and immediately saw there was a problem, I didn’t have enough!

I normally base three bombers on a stand and four fighters on a stand but there was no way I could make the fighters and bombers I have stretch far enough.

So I had a rethink and decided to reduce the number of fighters and fighter bombers I would use on a base so that I could field lots of fighters in the game.

So that done I needed some bases and some 12mm dice cells, so 60 of each arrived in the post 😊

Then the slow process of gluing them all together…

Until all 60 were done.

I also removed all the fighters from the bases I had already and reused the bases by adding a dice cell to each.

I decided to only add one fighter bomber to a stand and two fighters to a stand, at least for now, I can add more when I can feel my fingers again!!!

Drilling 42 bombers and 24 fighters was a real pain in the… fingers! The small fighters were very awkward to hold while drilling with a tiny drill, I lost count of the number times I drilled the tip of my finger ☹

And all the wire mounting pins were then cut and all glued to their bases.

Then it was down to some really quick painting, base coat of white for them all then 36 bombers and 12 fighters with red a stripe.

And 12 bombers and 12 fighters with a blue stripe, I still need 12 more fighter stands but I ran out of bases… 20 more on their way to me now.

I still have about 50+ Star Fury’s from Babylon 5 to base up but that is for another time.

All finished and not looking too bad, now I just need to find all the other ships I need to play the scenario 😉

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  1. Vic

    Hi Mac,

    I know that drilled my fingers feeling! And all because the Lady loves …

    Bwah-ha-haaa! (my best Ming laugh) And it’s all my fault … if I hadn’t written that scenario your fingers would have gone un-drilled … bwah-ha-ha-haaa!


    • Mac

      Yep it was all your fault!!

      20 more bases have just arrived so now I have to drill more fighters :O(

      I am looking forward to playing the scenario though, it should be great fun.

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