Stars & Lasers – Even more Lasers…

Well I have finally finished the latest supplement for Stars & Lasers, and it is available now.

It has taken a long while to get done, so many things have got in the way over the last few months but thanks to being stuck at home I have now had the time to finish it.

What is in it? I hear you say…

Well in this “Even More Lasers…” supplement you will find a selection of extras that you can add to your games of Stars & Lasers.

Inside you will find two new ships, one is a ship from humanities past, the Leviathan, a super heavy battleship from the early wars, the other is the Escort Flak Boat, a ship built to counter enemy fighters and missiles.

Also included are rules for a new shield switching system that can be used to counter non-energy weapons.

You will also find the rules for using new deadly MkI Torpedoes and the fearful Nova Bomb Projector, these two new weapons systems will add some deadly firepower to your fleets.

Also included are the rules for four types of mines and how they are used in your games.

And all the data sheets and print outs needed to use them all in your games.

So just like the main rules, you are free to add as little or as much as you want of these extras to make your games of Stars & Lasers the way you want them to be.

As always, the things in this supplement have been written for Stars & Lasers, but they will probably work in other games systems with a few adjustments.

Either way I hope you have fun using this supplement.


You can download this new supplement from here ––Lasers–Even-More-Lasers

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