Star Trek ships for Stars & Lasers

Yes I am looking at the possibility of doing a small add-on for Stars & Lasers to allow players to use their Star Trek ships and to have a little bit of Star Trek flavour!

Of course you could just use your Star Trek ships with Stars & Lasers and it would work fine, but I have been asked to see if I could come up with something.

I am not sure yet what to do, but it will possibly be just a few pages of simple changes to give the game that Star Trek feel, it will not be a complete Star Trek rule set.

So to fit in with the Star Trek theme I have been putting together a few ships to give me at least two fleets to play around with.

These I have been working on for a while now, but I have finally got most of them painted over the last couple of weeks.

So for the Federation I have a nice selection of ships from a few manufacturers such as Irregular Miniatures, Studio Bergstrom and Wizkids.

I am sure the scale isn’t 100% with some of the ships but I am happy with them and they will work fine for playtesting any rules I come up with.

Then for the Klingon force I have a similar mixture of manufacturers for the ships, I haven’t been able to get as many different types of ships for them, but I think I have enough to at least get a few games in.

I do have one or two Romulan ships as well but these are not painted yet and I don’t have anywhere near enough variety yet, but I will keep looking around to see if I can get more to add to them.

I will concentrate mainly on the Federation and the Klingons at first so any other races ships can wait a while, but I will try and add one or two Romulan, Vulcan and maybe even a Gorn ship or an Orion ship or two!!

This is just something for me to do when I have a spare hour or two on those cold dark evenings in between doing all my other hobby stuff.

I will post any news about this on here as I make progress.

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  1. Vic

    Nuqneh, Mac!

    ToH! chijh Kor, baH Kang Dev Mac je … maj! bITrek’kng? Tlhlingan Vulqangan je … oh my!

    And for now that’s about all I can finagle from learning Klingon so far – and my head hurts!

    Those Irregular not-Federation ships painted up very nicely – and they fit in well with those ST:AW ships well. I initially didn’t recognise one of the not-Klingon miniatures, but now I recall it – Irregular market it as some kind of liner yet it has the nacelle & wing markings of the “may’Duj thlingan” …

    Break out the Blood Wine & everybody tlhutlh! …

    House of Vik

    • Mac

      Hi Vic,

      I like how they have turned out as well, not a great paint job, but a very very quick one!!

      I am still sorting through more ships so these two fleets may get a little bit bigger by the time I am finished ( depends on what I can find or how much Blood wine I have been drinking!! )


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