Something new in the works…

I have been spending some time over the last few weeks working on another supplement for Stars & Lasers, this supplement will be called “The Ships That Never Were”

The supplement will be all about ships that never made it off the drawing boards or out of the planning stages or for whatever reason just didn’t get built.

The supplement will contain datacards for all the ships so you can use them in your games of Stars & Lasers if your opponent agrees, these will be some of the more extreme designs that some engineer thought up but just couldn’t get them built, but you will now be able to fight with them to see how good ( or bad ) they would have been if they had made it to the stars.

Each design ( or batch of designs ) will hopefully have some background to the thinking behind them probably explaining the specs / layout and maybe even tactics.

And what could be more useful to build these great ships than a big space dock…

I found this incredible model in a box at the back of a cupboard, I had brought it a couple of years back from a friend and well just never got around to putting it together, I am so glad that I have now.

It is the biggest space model I have and it is now one of my favorites, I think it is one of the craziest Firestorm Armada models around, and it will work perfectly in Stars & Lasers either as an objective for a scenario or just as a piece of table candy.

And back to the strange and experimental…  I also dug out this big boy!! What a monster of a ship, this will definitely find its way into the “The Ships That Never Were” supplement, this is a huge carrier bristling with guns and turrets, how many fighters could this thing carry…

Well I am not sure how many ships will be in the new supplement yet as it is still in the early stages but I have been given some really nice ideas already so it is looking like it will be lots of fun to write and hopefully to game with.

Keep an eye out for updates on this site.

I also finally got around to painting up some of my other “odd” ships, these I have done as two forces, these grey ships I could use as tenders for the ships visiting the big space dock.

Then I have this odd collection of ships, I have no real idea what most of them are, I know there are some Klingon ships here, but other than that I don’t really know.

Both forces will need some detailing work done on them before I call them finished, but at this stage they are usable on the table in a battle.

I found two more space stations as well and will be painting them up soon ( watch out for some pics ) both are from the Firestorm Armada range and will look great on the table when done.

For now though I will finish with a picture of three small moons that will hopefully be something I will be fighting around some time soon.

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