Some new ships in the fleet..

Well I finally managed to get some painting done, it’s been a few weeks since I have managed to get the paints out and actually sit and down and do stuff!!

So, what did I manage to do?

I got some paint on some big boys!! These are now part of my Human Federation ships to be used in my games of Stars & Lasers, now I have actually got a ship big enough to be used as a Dreadnought, and it looks good on the table, very intimidating, I am looking forward to getting some big games in soon.

And with it I have three ships that can be used as Battlecruisers, these are really nice and are about the right size alongside the Dreadnought.

And to support these I have three more Frigates, these seem very basic models, they don’t have a great deal of detail, but they still look good next the other ships.

With them are the ships that I will be using as Gunboats from the new supplement, I will be getting another playtest using these next week at the club.

Now the group shot with all my other ships from this fleet, the ships include 1x Dreadnought, 3 x Battlecruisers, 1 x Battleship, 2 x Heavy Cruisers, 1 x Fighter Carrier, 2 x Light Cruisers, 2 x Destroyers, 5 x Frigates, 5 x Corvettes, 3 x Assault Ships, 6 x Gunboats, 5 x Fighters and 5 Fighter Bombers… I have 3 more Assault Ships somewhere, but I just couldn’t find them for the photos. I also need to tone the newer ships down a little, so that they fit in better with the older ships, they look like they have just come straight from the ships yards… edit: just did a quick tally of the points for these and it is 4,465 and that is without any upgrades!!

So not a bad size fleet, but after seeing this lot I now realise that I will have to start painting some alien ships if I am going to field a force big enough to fight this lot!!

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