Salute 51 The Last Drifters update 5#

Well that’s all the game board finally finished!!! With time to spare before the show.

The board has been varnished and all the tufts have been added… lots of tufts added   😢   it took ages to stick them all on.

More graffiti has also been added to the backs of the poster boards that are set around the track, and we now have an information / track poster board by the entrance of the track, which shows that the track has a name now as well.

Here are a few shots of the game board and the vehicles all ready for the show.

Welcome to Havencrest Speedway!!
Here is the whole board all ready for the show.
Here are the finished vehicles for the game.

As all the work on the game board has finally been done, I have had time to make some of the Extra Damage tokens to use in the game.

These are just plastic-card covered in sand and stones with a few odd pieces of plastic and sprue on them to make them look like pieces of the vehicles have dropped on the ground after taking heavy damage, these are just hazards that the drivers will have to avoid.

They will need a prime and paint, but they should be done in plenty of time for the show.

Come and say hello to us at Salute 51 at London’s ExCeL on April 13th, 2024, or maybe even get a game of The Last Drifters, you could win a copy of The Last Drifters!

Pop over to the Fyndoria.Games site – – to check on our other games, and don’t forget to sign up for the News Letter while you are there and have a chance of winning some free stuff.

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    • Mac

      Hi Phil,

      No mate, it has nothing to do with the Warlords.
      We are putting it on under Fyndoria Games which is our company, and we paid for the table.

    • Mac

      Thanks Zac,

      We will be trying to get one or two short videos at the show, of the games in progress, but battle reports will hopefully come after the show and once we get some gaming in on the board.
      I am looking forward to getting a few games on it after the show, all I need to do is put a truck in the centre of the track to block the middle and it then becomes a simple oval racetrack so a couple of options with the board.

      It’s not quite big enough for a normal battle game but I can lay out a 6′ x 4′ table for that, because the game is a great battle game as well as a race game.


  1. Zac

    After the salute
    You could make an overlay with two parallel lines of jersey barriers it would also be nice to have some spectator ‘s around the edges and the on the central overlay.

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,
      Yeah the barriers would work and I do have about a dozen more already painted so that is something that I will definitely look at doing for future games.

      The spectators around the track was something that I was looking at when I first started to go through ideas for the board, but finding the figures online seemed fairly easy to do.
      I have about a dozen 20mm figures that fit in with the post apocalypse setting but they are all in some sort of shooting pose which looked odd for spectators, I did look at getting some hobby train set figures which are normally close to 20mm (I think HO / 1:87 scale which I think is close to 20mm) but I just never got around to getting them.

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