Salute 51 The Last Drifters update 4#

A good amount of work done this week…

The track has all the extra sand and gravel added, oh and now even some rocks!

One coat of yellow primer has been added to the surface, once this was dry I started working on the track-side blocks, wrecked vehicles and other terrain, this all got a quick coat of grey primer.

The other thing I have been busy with is the track-side poster boards.

All the images have now been stuck on them and I think they should look great once they have been fixed to the board, they have a good selection of ‘interesting’ adverts.

I have also been working on the graffiti on the back of these boards, these have been fun to do but a lot harder than I had first thought, I am not a not a great painter and my free-hand skills are in need of a little work, but I have to admit I have been enjoying painting them, I have never done graffiti before so I am hoping that it will all look ok when it is finished.

So for now here are some pictures of the posters and the graffiti, still some more work to do before they are completely finished.

The posters have also now been added to the two large bill-boards, and I really like the images, one is advertising The Last Drifters and one is advertising the Crystalline Wars card game, the card game one has been done as a film advert.

All the poster boards and graffiti will still need to have some weathering added, but that will probably be done at the same time as the rest of the board and this will mainly be a small amount of dust and grime.

I also managed to get the last vehicle up the same stage as the rest, they are all now ready for their final weathering to be done, but again this weathering will mainly consist of dust, oh and also the tyres as these are all still in the basic primer.

The last things I managed to get some work done on was the passive weapon tokens, the oil and smoke, the oil is not fully dry but when it is I will need to add some heavy gloss varnish to finish them off.

The smoke tokens are coming along nicely, they have had a thin coat of white paint which started to make the cotton wool hard, I have now added some matt varnish to these as well, once that is all dry I will get the airbrush out and give them a coat of matt varnish to seal them fully.

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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    My phone finally died so I haven’t been around the interweb for a while but now I have a new phone!
    Nice work looking great(as always)
    Can’t wait to see it all come together
    I doubt I’ll be going to salute so I’ll miss all the action!
    I notice crystalline wars is a physical product
    Send me an email so I can give you some money for a cool game!

  2. Mac

    Hi Zac, good to have you back mate.

    Thanks the game board is starting to come together really nicely, still a bit to do but it is looking like it will be finished in time for the show.

    Crystalline Wars: Arcane Battlegrounds is free mate, it is a free print & play skirmish game.
    It is a game of battling wizards that uses no dice!!!!
    You draw element tokens from a bag which are allocated to your wizards so that they can cast spells during their turn, really great fun and such a simple game.
    Oh and did I mention you do not use dice!!!
    The rule book is only 14 pages and the actual print out section is a little bigger at 27 pages, but that does contain lots of pre made wizard cards and figures, if you only printed out the stuff you need to play and a couple of blank wizard sheets it is only about 7 or 8 pages.
    So not a huge expense if you get a print shop to do the printing.

    This is just a Lite version we will look at producing a bigger version at some point with lots of extra stuff in it.

    The Crystalline Wars card game (which the Arcane Battlegrounds is loosely based on) will hopefully be launching on Gamefound in June this year.
    If it is successful I will put a copy aside for you 😉

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