Salute 51 The Last Drifters update 3#

Well a little more progress this week, things are coming along nicely.

The cars are now getting their weathering applied, first a wash to darken / fade the paintwork a little, even the yellow vehicle is looking a lot better now.

Then a few bits of rust and bare metal have been painted on, which I think adds a nice worn look to the vehicles.

The last things I will do is add maybe a few highlights on some of the metal and bodywork and then add plenty of dust effect… now this I am not sure if I should use a dust wash or dust pigment, I am not sure which will survive handling the best, I will be adding a varnish coat on all the vehicles so I may have to try the two effects on an old model to which works best as I really don’t know how the varnish coat will work on the pigment, I know the wash should be fine.

I have also started painting the poster boards that will go around the outside of the track.

Next up I have added all the concrete blocks and Jersey barriers and other stuff to form the track surrounds, this actually looks really good so far.

Before I can do much more though I need to add all the track surface, to be honest I have never made a board this big before, I have only ever done small dioramas or individual bits of scenery so this is a big learning experience for me… probably not great when doing something like this for a show!!

Oh well I am sure that it will turn out ok… fingers crossed.

Here is one full board shot for you to see how it is shaping up, as you can see it is really messy at the moment but you should be able to get an idea of how the track will look when it is finished.

The next step was to add the first lot of base texture, this stage was really really messy, but at least now it is really starting to look like a race track, the next step will be to add some final texture detail and then the big job of painting it all.

I have started putting together the two billboards / advertising boards for the centre places, we have got the poster design for these already and I will put up some images when they are done.

As I mentioned before these will be removable to make it easier to transport the board, so I have made the two side posts on each of them longer than needed so that they will be able to slot into the base board.

And last but not least I have started working on the passive weapon tokens, I have these printed out and stuck on to thin card and I use them all the time in my games, but for the show game I wanted to do something a little bit more special.

So I am making the oil and the smoke tokens for the game, if I get time I may also make some Extra Damage tokens as well.

I have cut the bases for the tokens from plastic-card and have added a covering of sand.

I then primed them in sand colour and have added a brown wash to bring out the texture more, next stage will be to dry brush these to pick out the detail then it will be down to adding the oil spills and the smoke.

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