Salute 51 The Last Drifters update 2#

Well it has been a fairly slow but steady week on the project, over the first few evenings of last week I had been doing a slow and slightly boring job of cutting all the blocks for the track, these blocks will be the concrete blocks (when finished) forming most of the track edges.

I have to say it did start to get a little bit boring by the time I got to the end of doing these, my very thin saw kept bending which didn’t help!!

Fixing all the hooks into the tops of all the blocks also took ages! also as you can see I have added a few damaged blocks to give a little bit of variety.

The second part of the week I did also get four of the vehicles base coated, painting these was a lot more fun than the block making.

All the basic colours have been added so next for these I will be doing the weathering and hopefully getting them looking more like vehicles that are in a post-apocalyptic wasteland rather than just off of a car sales forecourt.

A little bit of rust and some bare metal and of course plenty of dust should do the job.

The one that I am worried about the most at the moment is the yellow one, it may take a lot of work to get that how I want it, it is really bright, this one may be a problem.

The fifth vehicle (in the image above) at the moment is only primed because I really do not know what colour to paint it… It may be brown, but we are waiting for some neat activation tokens to arrive which we will use for the game and I will try and match the fifth colour with one of the colours in the token set.

The last strange vehicle is just an addition I have added to use as something that would block the track entrance, I see this as a vehicle that would be moved to allow the vehicles to enter the track but then moved back to seal the track while the race or destruction derby is on.

I am thinking about doing some graffiti on the side of the truck, I am not 100% sure yet what this will be, but I am looking forward to seeing what I can do.

And last is a few test images that I hope to be using as track-side advertising, I need enough to cover at least six long boards that will be around the outside of the track so there will be a few more than those shown.

I will also hopefully be adding some smaller posters on some of the boards and on some of the blocks, and to go along with these I will be trying to add some graffiti on the concrete blocks as well to add a little more detail.

The next thing I will need to work on will be one or two large bill-boards which will go into the inner parts of the track, these will add a little more colour with their posters and they will of course add some height to the board, they also have to be removeable to make transporting the board easier.

I think the project is moving along at an ok speed, but I am keeping an eye on the time I have left, I still have a lot of work to do on this but I am still confident I can get this done on time.

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