Salute 51 test, The Last Drifters game

Well Monday night saw a few mates racing around a track playing a destruction derby game and avoiding each other!! We saw very little ramming in the first game, just lots of shooting which was still fun to watch.

I had to just use simple scenery for the game as the board for the show is still a long way from being finished, but I don’t think that mattered too much.

The game was a test run of the game we are putting on at Salute 51 this year in April, it was to see how things would work on the day.

Simple things like how many dice would be needed, if the foam erasers would work on the laminated sheets, if the enlarged laminated vehicle data sheets would be big enough etc. etc.

And of course, the main thing was to see how long a game would take, as it turns out too long!!

So a few things will need to be adjusted to get the timings of the games down to around the hour we had planned, we already have some of the things in the game adjusted for the game, to make things a little faster, not that the game is slow we just need to get things moving a lot quicker than in a normal club night game.

We had a second very short game and by simply starting the vehicles at full speed and allowing shooting right from the start the game was a lot quicker… and we also got one person who will not be named, who thought it would be fun to do a head on ram.

I did mention at the beginning of the game that ramming in The Last Drifters is much like real cars crashing, both vehicles take damage, sometimes a lot of damage… Ouch!

Any way thanks to the guys playing we should be able to adjust things to make the games at the show a lot quicker so that we get more games in during the day.

There was lots of laughing and friendly banter going on during the games, we had one driver dishing out loads of damage, and somehow managing to get lots of critical hits on the other vehicles.

One or two of the drivers did their best to keep out of trouble for a lot of the game, but eventually even they got pounded.

Everyone seemed to have lots of fun during the evening which for me is what it is all about, fun and lots of laughs.

Below are just a few pictures that I managed to get of the game, hopefully you can get an idea of the game from them.

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    • Mac

      Hi Phil,
      Thanks mate.
      The wrecks on the game board I am building will hopefully look a lot better, I am still working on them but I hope to get some WiP pictures on here soon.

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