Salute 2021 ( 2020 )

Well its almost here, the show that has taken almost two years to plan and get ready to actually run!!

Salute 2021 or should I say Salute 2020 🤔 has been a lot of work, but the day of the show is fast approaching, this weekend will see Salute once again running at ExCel in London.

Will you be there?

I will be there trying to keep everything running properly and smoothly, dealing with all the issues that we have every year, a power point missing or not working, a trader unsure where to set up, a reenactor looking for their changing room, these and many other things that need to be dealt with over the build day and show day.

All these and many more issues to be dealt with, by me and the guys running the show.

Do you all have your shopping lists ready?

I have got mine done, it’s not a big list ( it never is ) but hopefully I can find the time during the day to pick up a couple of items from it.

Maybe an ACW ship or two ( or three! ), or even some 28mm Samurai, I might even have a few WW2 figures on the list…

Maybe I will buy something that I hadn’t put on the list!! Yep we have all brought that thing that just jumped up off the shelf and had to go home with you from the show.

Don’t worry you are not the only one that happens to.

What games will you play?

There will hopefully be many games available at the show to either play or watch, from historical games to fantasy games to sci-fi games, hopefully something for everyone.

That’s something that I never get the time for at the show, I spend all day walking around the event dealing with one issue or another that I never get a chance to spend long looking at the games, but I have seen many games over the years that I have wanted to play but have just settled for looking at the game on the day and then looking at the pictures that appear on the internet soon after the show, taken by the many bloggers that attend each year.

I will be getting pictures done during the day of the build and the actual show and will put some of them up on here after the show, there will not be as many as some of the other blogger’s upload to their sites, but mine will maybe capture another side of the show.

There are some folks out there that put up hundreds and hundreds of photos of the games and the figures and the traders at the show!!

Watch out for those after the event, they are great… actually some years looking at those photos is the only way I see what is in the show!

I will see a game and realise I never saw that at the show! Or pictures of a particular trader and think damn I didn’t realise they were there, I wanted some of their figures etc. every year this happens without fail.

Well I am going to re-check the traders list to see who may get some of my money and I may also be adding a few items to my shopping list… maybe…

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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Alas I won’t be attending this year but I’m considering going to broadside in December.
    Anyway I’ve got lots to ie lots of Stargave miniature’s to paint and I have some spetsnaz some tier 1 operator’s and a agents crisis response squad on order from Spector miniatures for my Spector operations game.
    So lots to do.

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      Sitting here trying to recover from a very busy build day!

      Looking forward to tomorrow and show, it’s a shame you can’t make Salute this year, hopefully you can get to Broadside in December.

      Maybe you will get to add to your Stargrave or Spector miniatures, I am sure you could use more!!


  2. Zac

    Always need more! I’ve been looking at foundry’s street violence range which has some cool figs
    Including punk’s rasta’s,skinheads ect
    Anyway I hope you had fun at the show and I hope your back held up.

    • Mac

      Had a great fun day, only got caught by two video camera wielding podcasters so not too bad.

      The jury is still out about the back!! but my legs have given up… so much walking during the two days, damn I feel old!

      I have also seen lots of nice post apocalyptic figures on different websites.

      ( I know there was a couple of traders at the show that carried a range of survivors but just never seemed to get the time… or the strength!!… to go and find them )

      I do have lots already but as you say I guess I need more.


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