Salute 2021 ( 2020 ) photos

Well the show is over and I am resting up as I think the show broke me!! 😉

I must be getting old as it is taking me longer and longer after each show to get back to feeling almost fit again, my back and legs and my poor feet hurt!! I am not sure how far I walked during the two days but it feels like it must have been miles.

Well I felt it was a good show, not too many problems to deal with which is always good and everyone seemed to have a good time.

There are many great sets of photos on peoples blogs on the internet and even a few videos if you want to see more of the show, but below are a few pictures, maybe some that have not been seen before as they are from the set-up on the Friday and early on the Saturday.

Does anyone have the instructions for this kit?
The Spitfire and the Hurricane looking lovely in the display area.
The queuing hall ready for the visitors.
The hall first thing on the Friday, the big gap at the far end is the entrance for the show.
View of the set-up from one of the upper offices.
View of the set-up from one of the upper offices.
The merchandising stand being set-up.
Getting ready for the painting competition.
One of the club games during set-up.
Another club game during set-up.
The third club game during set-up.
Last minute rush to get the tables and chairs set-up before the show opens.
The first of the show visitors arrive and start to queue.
A lot more visitors arrive!!
South London Warlords Club game of UFO.
South London Warlords Club game the Battle of Britain.
South London Warlords Club game Wellington in India
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  1. Zac

    Hi Mac
    Age gets to us all in the end I guess I’m slowing down my self more and more each year although I’m still Abel to recover quickly.
    Some interesting photos there I like the spitfire and hurricane and the UFO game reminds me of a 1’48 scale captain scarlet/thunder road mashup you guys had a few years ago that was impressive!
    Any how I’ll be shore to attend the 2021 show next year 😉

    • Mac

      Hi Zac,

      Yeah I have normally recovered by now, but I am still sore.

      The planes were really great, I know they are kits but they really looked good even close up.

      The UFO game was done by the same group of guys from the club that did the Captain Scarlet game that you mentioned, as you say that was impressive.
      I did play the UFO game once at the club a while back and it was very entertaining and lots of fun.

      Maybe see you before the show in April, but if not then I will look out for you there.


  2. Zac

    There’s a show in April?
    I had no idea do you mean another salute?.
    Anyway you will see me before then I’m in need of marvel crisis protocol and if I’m going to get ripped off I might as well get ripped at 10% discount, and theres that frostgrave stuff hideing at the back. Its a shame that the shop doesn’t saport games companys that are on the side Angels like osprey games and north star, well their is mantic I guess, instead of gw (boo hiss) who seem to have contempt for there customers and atomic mass games.
    It saddens me to see these company’s take the limelight when on this small island we have so much talent and so many great company’s createing such great stuff anyway rant over.

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